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June 18, 2009


Tracie~My Petite Maison

I'm with you, I wonder how the gardener's can chop down plants and flowers so pretty but I'm sure that's what they've been asked to do to keep it "clean". On a happier note, I love your new pillow line and want to be one of the first in line to get one from your beautiful store. I hope you get all your photos completed and don't do what I've been doing... dilly dallying with getting things up ;) The pillow you made your mom is beautiful, what a true gift made with love. Off to wish her a happy belated birthday. Can't wait to see everything in the store, don't work too hard and here's to sunshine.


Gasp. Yum. Thanks...


My dear, you have such a great touch with everything you do! Those pillows are to die for!!! Even the pretty bag you altered is wonderful!

So sorry about the vine. What is it with people who are chop happy??? At the house I used to live in, there was a beautiful lilac bush in the back yard by the fence...and my ex CHOPPED IT DOWN!!! I was stunned and heartbroken! Who would do such a thing? And it was all because he didn't want to mow around it...as if it was that hard. MEN!!!

Anyway, this was such a lovely post. I just love your blog!



LOVE absolutely love the pillows, they are SO pretty!!!!

Sandra Boothman

Lovely pillows Alice! You have been very busy creating. I had intentions of making pillows, but haven't even started! LOL
Have a beautiful day~

My Shabby Roses

Everything you have made looks wonderful Alice! What a fun addition to your shop.
You have been busy!

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Love your collection of pillows... They are so romantic!!! And lavender is my absolute favorite scent!

Sheila R

Your pillow collection is gorgeous! What a beautiful package... you definitely continue to inspire!

Mom Taxi Julie

So nice! Too bad the "weeds" got chopped down, anything with a pretty flower like that around here gets to stay :)


Your collection of pillows look beautiful...can't wait to see them in your shop.

Karen Valentine

Hi Alice! I came over because I wanted to personally invite you to the blog party I am throwing. I think it will be fabulous, and I want all my fabulously creative blog friends to come! It's called...Where Bloggers Create! It was inspired that by the magazine Where Women Create. I would love for you to show off your workspace! I have admired your blog for some time and think you would make a wonderful addition to the party. Hop over to My Desert Cottage or Valentine Studio and read all about it!



Such beautiful things!! You've been very busy! I especially love the pillow you made your mom with the holy card image - so lovely!


the pillows look wonderful! and i snuck over to your shop and can't wait for my hubby to give me my home decor budget back!! (i went a little overboard with new furniture in our house and he's said NO MORE for just a bit, ha ha)

oh i love the smell of lavender too, enjoy!


Hi Honey!!

Thanks again for the beautiful bolster pillow, it really looks great on my bed, I keep going back it to look at it from different angles hehehe, and with Angela's presents It really is looking like a magazine FINALLY, I am catching up with my daughter!!! (well maybe hanging on the tailcoats)

Love the pillows, don't worry about the weeds, they grow back, you did see my garden right????? hehehe


OH and P.S. I was completely taken by surprise when 2 of your followers left wonderful comments and birthday wishes for me on my blog, it really was very touching, thanks for sending them over! I was thrilled!



Enjoyed the sneak peek at your items. I can almost smell the lavender! Looking forward to seeing your new line of pillows-
I am a pillow junkie!


Wonderful pillows....I bet your Mom was thrilled with hers...love the gift wrap bag idea too....and thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind and encouraging words!
Take care, Laura

Anne Marie

I really like everything you have done thus far - but that pillow is one of my favorites....


Alice, Your new pillows are just sooooo pretty...You did such an amazing job...I love the way you wrapped your mom's birthday gift.. I bet she really loved her present...

Kimberly Shaw

Love your lavender sachets with the laced edge. I can almost smell the fresh lavender from here. A very happy birthday for your mom!

Kerryanne English

Mmmm... lavender!!
I grow my own and love harvesting and using it in my art work. I tie up bunches of it and hang them around my house to keep bugs out too.

I love your cushions and your mum's birthday gift too. All beautiful!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Leah C

Looks like you've been very busy creating some wonderful lovelies...can't wait to start shopping! Now, I'm going to go wish your Mom a "Happy Birthday":)


wonderful pretties Alice..can't wait to see the updated shop! happy summer,xo


Hi Alice,
You have been so busy and everything is so beautiful. You just have such a lovely way with everything you do. I think I will go wish your mom a happy b-day and congratulate her on having such a great daughter while I'm at it.

Kristen Smith

Everything is beautiful! I love your house. We live in a rented house. We decided to go ahead and do a garden. I'm happy we did.


I love the new look around here! Your new headers and images are so nice for summer...as well as the music. I for one love lavender too. Can't wait to see all of the new thing in your shop!


I do not leave you a message often, but I visit you regular..I love the way you make photo's...so I like to use some of them on my blog if thats oké with you..


Gr. Anna


Love the pillows!!! I am redoing one of our bedrooms and will be on the lookout for one of these beauties for it.


Andrea Villarreal

Just beautiful!! Can't wait to go peek at all the new stuff in the shop:)

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