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July 22, 2009


Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

Hi Alice! Living in Seattle, I have spent amny a rainy summer sipping tea. I hope you make it thru the rain!
xoxo, Tiffany
PS, love the doggie pic, precious!

Margaret Bouwmeester

Hi Alice, I am trying to my room ready too! I haven't been posting for awhile, it is so hard to get everything done, and I am a little back logged.....
I am under going a treatment for my Lupus right now and it makes me incredibly ill and tired, it sure is hard to catch up!!! I loved your milk glass mug, you always have such beautiful posts!!!
I look forward to seeing where you create!!!
Margaret B

Sheila R

Your "voice" is so refreshing and I look forward to all your lovely pictures. Renoir is so sweet laying there with the doilie! Enjoy your time!

Can't wait until the party starts on Friday, as I too have been cleaning and preparing for the "party". See you there!




I am pet sitting for 6 weeks and my beloved new daughter-in-law forgot to mention that her little dog has to take medication to get through a storm. He barks continually until the meds kick in. So I am praying for daytime quick thunderstorms. lol
I didn't know that you did the romantic vinettes. I love what you do


what a cute shot....that is funny he likes lace doilies. Off to check out your new vignette site.

A Gift Wrapped life

A beautiful rainy day post, and your little friend is so sweet.


Oh Alice just visit when you can! And no hard feelings if you can't, all of you including Renoir are always in my thoughts!
Enjoy the summer rainfalls, minus the harsh thunder are little pups don't care for it either, or fireworks. They would rather just sleep it away!
Take Care and be sure to let me know if you are making any blog templates etc!
LOVE you work!



Hi Alice,
Reading your post this morning was like a breath of fresh air to me. The pictures put me somewhere else for awhile and it was lovely. I got my package and was so thrilled. Everything is just perfect and all your added touches made it even more special. My husband even enjoyed how excited I was over getting a package.

Andrea - Faded Plains

Your photos always amaze me...beauiful. And Renoir looks too darn cute!


Dear Alice,

Your photos are so beautiful and Renoir is so adorable!!!! I am glad you are enjoying the cozy, rainy days, drinking tea, and getting caught up. Rainy days are so good for that! I am very happy Debbi won your giveaway!

I look forward to seeing your studio. I enjoyed your new Romantic Vignette! It was so beautiful, and I like the new website, too. Take care and try to get to bed earlier! :) I am always blessed and inspired by you and your posts.

Have a lovely day!
Love, Paula

Sandra Boothman

You even make rain look good! Amazing! Love your photos ,but I knew I would. I can't manage to get to everyones blogs either. I do try, but get behind. We understand...just pop in when you can!

Leah C

You'll always have sunshine with that cute lil' doggie around! Love, love the photos...as usual:)

Julie Marie Vicknair

Hello Alice, this post is just beautiful and I adore Renoir! You offer so much inspiration and contentment...thank you also for adding me to your "Thoughtful Bloggers" list, that means so very much to me...I just found out this morning your husband has a blog and a shop, so I ordered one of his beautiful rings...you two are a match made in Heaven...


ok girl, if you want some sunshine i will send it right away! :) i hope you have a wonderful day


We have had a lot of rain this summer too!
May & June I think it rained almost everyday. Your pictures are so beautiful to look at. I love the picture of Renior by
the window, and of course the last one.
You have a knack for putting together
vignettes so nicely! You inspire me.


Oooohhhh Alice what wonderful images!
They are so refreshing for me: here the weather is so so hot today!!!!We have 38°
Enjoy the rain!!!

Suzy's Vintage Attic

Hello Alice

Here in Somerset it is rain, rain and more rain. Strange summer, not much fun for families hoping for some fun at the beach! Your photos are beautifully taken.
Isabelle x


Hi Alice, just found your blog, though I think I've visited before. LOVE the photo of your pup. He's adorable. And all the rest of your photography, home, and pretty little knick knacks are great!

Terri Morse

Hi Alice. I've so much enjoyed visiting your studio. You've even given me a few ideas for mine! I have a lovely old window frame without the glass, and I've been trying to decide what to do with it. You know what they say about space: when you run out of it on the ground, go up. Now I know what to do with my window frame. Also, I use a lot of vintage laces too. I've had this two-tiered plate holder forever. It will make the perfect place for some of my goodies! It's always such fun visiting you. Have a great weekend!

Mitzi Curi

Alice, I enjoy your lovely photography and writing, both are very inspiring. Renoir reminds me very much of my two West Highland White Terriers, Chauncey and Cheswick. They are the best pals in good times and bad. I've added your blog to my "favorites" and look forward to more Painted White inspiration!

Mitzi Curi

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