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July 25, 2009



Absolutely beautiful!! Of course we are not bored ~ I want to go back and look at all the photos again!
I didn't get my studio photographed for this event, but I am having a giveaway on my blog this weekend for "Christmas in July". Stop by if you like PINK! :)


Dear Alice,

I must begin by saying I would love to see more close ups, and full room shots! We could not get bored by anything you share! You photograph beautifully and have so many wonderful and treasured things to share. So much inspiration and beauty to receive and see! I love those shelves filled with all those pretty things. How wonderful that you have found so many lovely things at flea markets and have them displayed so beautifully, it is wonderful to have all of those pretties out in full view, so that you can enjoy seeing them everyday! I love that you have so many of your dear Grandmother Kay's things. Her paint box is gorgeous, and I am sure you inherited some of your artistic talents from her, and the Lord has blessed you with so many talents as well!

I love all of your pretty vintage things. The baby things are so sweet! I have a few vintage baby dresses displayed on my walls and a shelf. They put a smile on your face, don't they? The Godey prints are beautiful and I love the altered bottle your sister made for you. Your favorite doll head is so sweet and the vintage bottles are, too. You have such an amazing collection, I love everything! The wallpaper is so pretty. You have all of your things organized so beautifully. I love how you put things in the hanging basket. Oh, that old purse is a wonderful find. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful things. I enjoyed the tour so very much and keep looking over all of your beautiful photos!

Love and blessings sweet friend,


Absolutely love everything !!!!!! Hugzzz...Tiina...


Wow. Everything is beautiful. I love it all. And how cool that you have your grandmother's old art supplies.


Tired of your pictures????? Never happen...please take some more, your studio is the BEST!!!!

Andrea Villarreal

Are you kidding? I love your space it is beyond gorgeous. It makes mine look so generic and plain. You have such lovely things of course I'd love to see more:)

Karen Valentine

I need to pick my jaw up off the floor before I continue.... okay, all set. As I sit here trying to find the words to express to you how I feel about your space, I wonder if you ever get tired of hearing the same old thing. Surely you don't but i must think that I couldn't possibly say anything you haven't already heard. If I could magically transform my studio to be anything I wanted it to be... it would be exactly, EXACTLY you room. It must have taken you years to collect all those wonderful things. You are very lucky to live in a place where all those wonderful things are available. I'm just sitting here shaking my head, because the words are just not coming. It's so beautiful
I am speechless. (You can't tell can you! )
Thank you so much for coming to my party. You've really helped make it a wonderful success!

My Desert Cottage


Please do share more photos, Alice! Who could ever get enough??? I just love your grandmother's things. You're very fortunate to have them! ~Lori

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Another beautiful post and photos, Alice. Of course, I would love to see more of your studio. Really love your grandmother's paint box, what a piece to cherish!


Absolutely heavenly! I would love to see more pics too. How great that you have your grandmother's belongings too. I just have pics of my omi. Would have loved to have a few of her knick knacks but alas. my "nephew"....GRRRR :(


Your studio is so amazing~~!!! I love every little thing!! I could look at these photos all day, noticing each little treasure! You have an amazing gift for display!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful and inspiring photos and please do share more of your studio!!

Sheila R

Yes, please share some more photos as I just lose myself in each beautiful picture. Each picture is a look into a beautiful lady's heart.


Alice, all the pretties you have shown are gorgous. I especially love your grandma's art supplies and the paint splotched palette on one of the shelves.


You have a beautiful studio, Alice. I love all your vintage touches. Share more in the future. I love perusing your little nooks and crannies.

Julie Marie Vicknair

I must say I agree with all of the comments above, and I too look forward to seeing more of your atelier (I love that you use the French word for it too!) I really need to sit all day with a cup of tea (or two) to take it in all... everything you touch turns into something magical and I am so happy you own many of your grandparents treasures, those are the very best. I could never decide which is my favorite photo, they are all breathtaking! I cannot wait to see more sweet Alice. (Hello Renoir!)

Margaret Bouwmeester

Alice......... what can I say, your room is so wonderful!!! Of course I want to see more!!! Girl, you have such a beautiful way of decorating, makes me inspired and creative and dream of endless possibilities.......
What a truly, truly inspiring room, the vintage treasures, the lovely displays, oh my, I really do think you are the queen of creativity!!!!!
Thank you, that is so nice of you to share more, I really do love it all.
Margaret B


yeah! these are so fun :) thanks for showing us even more of your beautiful room. hope you have a wonderful Sunday.


goodness gracious! I've never seen a studio like yours, or as beautiful... I love the idea of the burlap on the walls, I would love to try something like that. Ok now I'm so inspired maybe i will start working on my office today....


Oh how I love this. I cannot get enough.
Please post whole room shots.


Alice, your pictures are so beautiful we could never tire of seeing them. You present everything so beautifully

Sending love from St. Ives, England

Sandra Boothman

Be still my heart! Absolutely gorgeous photos of wonderful vintage items. Your vintage goodies are so lucky that they have a beautiful studio to live in. I know they talk every night about it after you have gone to sleep. Squealing with delight over a vintage item added to their shelf. :)
Love it all and I never tire of your beautiful photographs!

LiLi M.

Sigh...I can hardly speak, but fortunately I don't have too up here. With my jaw on my knees I can still type: more please.
Thanks for your beautiful and inspiring photos!

Brenda Kula

Oh hon, how could we be bored with such tremendous eye candy? I love it! You have such a talent for arranging. Now I know how to get out of dusting. Chock the shelves full till no dust can reside there!

Aimee Boschet

I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! I wish I could visit and see it all in person. All of your pieces are truly amazing. You have collected some gorgeous items and you have great taste.

If you get a chance come visit my Blog and say hi!

Have a great day,


Alice I LOVE your goodies! And YES I would also love to see more shots. How could we be bored???? You are so lucky to have such a wonderful place to create. And to have you Grandmothers things is so special. Mine was not an artist but, I have many things that had belonged to her. SPECIAL!!!! Thanks for sharing. So much to see I had to enlarge the photos.


Oooohhh my eyes are spinning from scrolling up and down again and again! Wonderful!!


All I can say is, "This is just stunning!" You really do have the most beautiful things..I love how you have everything displayed...Your pictures look amazing.. I would love to come shopping in your studio(hehe)....Hope all is well..

Zita - Mlle Magpie

I'm dying here...


Never never stop showing us pictures of your studio. I could crawl into this computer and live in your space and live happily ever after.
It will take me days to absorb it all.
Love it!!!!!!!!

Kelee Katillac

Hi Alice!

Tres magnifique!

Beautifully done and photographed!

Send scarf pics for the dogs...

stop by love to have you visit!

love, kelee


Hi Alice, I could never be bored by the loveliness you show us. I am always so inspired when I visit this wonderful place.


Hi Alice, I love looking at all this beauty, so I had to come back and take another peek. I also wanted you to know how delighted I was with my lovelies. You have a way of making everything special. The presentation was so beautiful and the goods devine.
Thank you again,


I had to come browse again.. I didn't know that I would yet come to see more.. How beautiful it all is.. All your lovely things are just amazing.. Everything is so displayed well and so much "Eye Candy" to behold.. Just Magnifico!!

Kerryanne English

I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to have you grandmothers painting and art supplies. I'd treasure them too.
Gorgeous photos.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Getting bored? Not by a long shot! In fact, I am going back to look at everything again. Love, love your space, Alice. Your Grandmother's paint box is so beautiful and precious beyond words, I'm sure.


Joy Jones

Hi Alice.....OK, I am packing my suitcase right now because I am SURE that I should be living and working in your beautiful studio!!! Everything about your space speaks from your heart and it speaks to my heart too. Just BEAUTIFUL - thanks so much for the inspiration. ~ xo Joy

Jenny (thepolkadotpixie)

Your photographs and your creative space are wonderful! Thank you for sharing!


Yes please, full room shots! There's so many stuff to see, I can't even begin to picture the whole room in my mind!

Andrea - Faded Plains

Amazing...Inspiring...So you!


Waouh !!!!!! This is the atelier of my dreams !!!! Everything, I take everything !!!! How funny this must be to create there !!!


Oh how I wish I had a beautiful creative room like yours!! It is absolutely inspiring.There is so much to see. I went over every inch, twice and still have not seen enough!! Yes More!

sandra blanks

oh my Alice, this post has been a fabulous tour of your beautiful studio!!! Not only is your studio 2 die 4, but your photography is stunning! Amazing you could fit so much into a space, and it still be sooo gorgeous!
Thank you for inviting us into your world, and yes, please show us more.

karla nathan

You are so true to your pallete! Its all so gorgeous togehter.

Leah C

Oh please, please share more photos! But wait, I need to go find a bib...because I'm a drooling fool:) Dear Alice, the rest of us are wishing for & dreaming of a studio like yours to call our own!

Pam Seppala

Love the photos. More of anything would be great!


Ahh my darling daughter, i'm looking at all the comments, smiling, laughing, remembering a time when you actually told me you didn't think you were creative! Remember??? Well guess what you were WRONG! I told you that then and i'm saying it again, now, just look at what you have done to all these people!!! Your an inspiration!

Oh and I have another gorgeous roll of wallpaper to add to your collection, this one has all the right neutral colors and a raised floral print!


Rebecca Ersfeld

Absolutely love the paint box! How precious is that. Your studio is heaven, I enjoyed every inch of it. I have mine split so a lot of my collections are at the shop studio because that is where I am the most. It is also the messiest so didn't want to put it on the tour. I really enjoyed yours it was just my taste, thank you

Christina Jackson

This is sooooo fantastic! Can I move in?! *teehee* Thank you for sharing with all of us in blogland!!!!!!!!!!

Christina XX

Donna Liljegren

Oh, my! So much eye candy and inspiration! Thank you for all the lovely images.


Dear Alice,

I am so glad that I found you through Flickr...I just love your photography and sense of design. I could spend hours reading and enjoying your beautiful work!


I hope you don't mind, but I have added your blog to my list of "blog beauties." Stop by if you have a minute and say hello.

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