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July 24, 2009



Well Alice!
That space will certainly be tough to top (not that it's a competition *wink*).
Your space is simply stunning, it must be so much fun to work in there, thanks for sharing it.......


Well, You have a Art "Dream" Space.. So lovely.. I love all the things you collect.. You really put a lot into this lovely space.a pleasure to be able to browse and see into your beautiful creating space.. I know you must love it.. I don't think I would ever want to leave!! Thank you for sharing.. Have a lovely weekend!


Again, the most delicious, the very best and the most incredible photography in this post - it's truly breathtaking, all of it. I keep looking, and looking....So beautiful Alice. You are at the very top of the list in giving us all inspiration :)


This must be the most beautiful and interesting work space I've ever seen! Not that I really expected it to be anything less when I clicked over here to your place because everything you do is so gorgeous. I love that Renoir also has his space too. I was so intrigued looking at everything on all of the shelves I may have to come back again and again to see every little detail!

Thanks for sharing your space!

Terri G.

Such beautiful photos...a wonderful place to escape and create!


Absolutely so sweet and lovely! What a beautiful space to be in. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

everything looks beyond lovely Alice, and extremely inspirational! I have been working hard all night on redoing my office pretty since i seem to spend so much time in front of the computer as well. It's about time it was pretty instead of ugly!
TFS your great space!
xoxo, Tiffany

Margaret Bouwmeester

Wow!! Such a dreamy, wonderful place to create. This is a wonderful inspiration to me, I love all of your gorgeous things, so stunning and so many creative ways to entice one to want to stay forever!!!!
Simply divine Alice, like everything about you.....
Margaret B


Such amazing attention to detail! The photographs alone are SO beautiful. I love how you added twinkle lights to your Studio to add to all the MAGIC going on here.
Thanks for sharing!

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Oh, my,goodness, I am in absolute awe!!!! I definitely will be back to savour all the wonderful pictures when Mr. Sandman is no longer around!!

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Oh Alice,
It's all so beautiful as I knew it would be. I want to say I have a favorite, but I love each photo, they all speak to my heart. You have a romance in your photos that I haven't seen from any other photographer. Okay, I'm going to gush... Your style and spirit stands alone. I will happily fly from CA to NY if you need a house/Renoir sitter (and bring Zeke, he knows how to behave) and I will consider it a holiday. I'll come back this weekend to look a "petite" bit more. Happy weekend!

Alison Gibbs

Alice I think I could play in your 'creative space' forever and a day!!


Ok.. this is not a workspace... this is a whole little universe full of love and happiness!! Thanks for the tour!


Just gorgeous alice!!!

i can't wait to get mine looking like the lovely spaces i have seen so far x


I just created a little crafting space of my own, but THAT IS BREATHTAKING! I think if I had a space like that, I would never want to leave. What a beautiful place to be inspired!


oh my gosh!!!!! That is amazing....I just want to come over and start looking and touching and oohhhing and aahhhing...wonderful creative spot!

Sheila R

Alice, absolutely stunning!! Words can not express the beauty that you surround yourself with. Truly YOU! I could lose my self in there for days. Now I know why you create so many beautiful things... Can I come and create?

Karen - The Graphics Fairy

Fabulous!!! Every detail is divine!

Linda K.

Absolutely love the chandelier, pennents, and the whole idea of your studio. Something inspiring in every nook and cranny. Thanks!


That was amazing. I will just back and linger here as I continue creating my craft room.
It is hard to believe that you were ever unorganized.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Please come to visit me.


You have really done a amazing job placing your things in such a way to be tidy. I am so inspired by what you have done to this room. I have always wanted a room just for myself to be able to create and you have me dying over here.

Wonderful job well done!!!



Rachel Going

Alice, It is so beautiful. I could certainly spend hours creating here...ah the lace and buttons and trim. I had hoped to participate in this fun event, but alas, life brought the need to actually create in my space instead. Thank you for sharing. xo rachel


Beautiful space, Alice...


Dear Alice,

Your gorgeous home and atelier should be featured in a magazine!!!! You are so talented and have such a gift for photography! Your photos are incredible! I love the space your create in and all the wonderful details you have so lovingly attended to! This is such a romantic and peaceful room, just like the rest of your home. How wonderful that you, St. Joshua, and Renior all have a spot in this incredible room! Oh, Renior is so handsome! Give him and hug and kiss from Pearl and I! Pearl would love to play with him. I see he enjoys looking out the window as much as Pearl does. I can just picture those sad eyes you mentioned when you try to dress him up! :)

Oh, I have been sharing these photos with my husband (I have shown him your beautiful home before) he loves it as much as I do, and tells me I am getting so excited over all your pretty vignettes! He smiled so lovingly as he said it! I get so much inspiration from you! I have been adding more white and creams to my home. I love how you used the vintage purses to store old books and papers in, and the tiered metal stand is perfect for your collection of vintage laces. The glass jars are fabulous and I see the beautiful blessed banner dear, sweet Madai made. I love every single detail and vignette. You have some fabulous pieces of furniture and other pretties! I thought it was so creative to put your computer in the closet and remove the doors. The lace, gloves and cabinet cards you hung above it are all so beautiful, and I love your inspiration board, too. I love everything you have done!

The vintage card has one of my favorite verses on it... Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established. I can see you do just that. Your room is so organized and such a place of beauty! I look forward to seeing more! Thank you so much for sharing such loveliness Alice! I am so blessed by your sweet spirit and your gift of making everything beautiful. You are such a beautiful, creative, talented, and sweet young woman! Thank you for visiting me and for the kind comment you left! You made my day!

Bless you sweetie!

Much love, Paula


Absolutely stunning Studio Alice! Love the Computer Alcove idea :-)

Sandra Boothman

Oh Alice...I am in awe once again!! Loving everything in your beautiful space. (It gives me inspriation to work on mine a little more)I love the photo of the gloves and old pictures. I may have to use that idea!
Since I am on slowwwwwww dial up and it took a longggg time (LOL) for the photos to load I saved some of them to look at over and over again. You have created a breathtaking space to work in. Can I come over and play? :)


WOW!!! What a fabulous space!! I love everything!!

Margaret Bouwmeester

Okay Sweetie, I just had to come back and take another look at your fabulous room!! I am in love with it all!!! He he he...... you are so talented!!! sigh....... I am so inspired to do some creativeness to my room!!!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos!
Margaret B

Kelly~Rose Vine Cottage

So pretty, I could live in there, you are sooooo talented!! I love the burlap walls and the tacks holding your ruffles on the edge of your shelves, so sweet(;

The Curious Cat

Surfing the blogosphere and coming across so many blogs celebrating their spaces - so many beautiful ones - I can only wish! Thanks so much for sharing - it is a great source of inspiration! xxx

Boxwood Cottage

Wow Alice your studio definitely belongs to my top 3! You have so many fabulous vintage treasures so lovely decorated. It's a pleasure for the eyes!
Will you add your studio pics to flickr? I'd love you to add them to my Vintage inspired studio group on flickr! It would be great if you would share your photos with us over there too!
Sending you warmest wished from Germany

Leah C

A haven...more like heaven! Oh, Alice, your studio is so very lovely and dreamy! I bet so many of us are drooling with envy:) If my creative space looked like this room, I'd probably never leave it. Beautiful, just beautiful:)

LiLi M.

Whow I love it here! And I will come back because I never get enough of beautiful creative spaces filled with vintage treasures. It's a feast for the eye up here! Have fun today!

Joy Jones

Hi Alice! I just knew your space would be BEAUTIFUL and a studio I could get lost in! It has your magic touch all over it!!! Such beautiful photos too. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us ~ xo Joy

Pony Girl

Um- WOW! I am so impressed with your creativity! Eyelet trim on shelves? Upside down window pane to hang items from? I love it!!! And you take such beautiful photos, you have a great eye!! Thanks for sharing a little corner of your world!

Lynn Stevens

wow ,everything so Lovenly placed, what a fantastic place to create!!


What a lovely space you have to work in! Everything is ever so pretty, it must be nice even to just sit in there. You've given me an idea too ... that three-tiered wire "basket" filled with lace? I have one exactly like that and have lately been thinking about getting rid of it. It sat in my kitchen and held fruit but since I'm not using it for that now, I was going to toss it out. Not any longer. I love how yours looks filled with the lace. I think mine is going to be used like that too.

Thanks for letting me peek into your creative space and for a great idea!


Hi Alicce,
I just knew you would have a gorgeous space like this. It is all so you. Beautiful things to look at everywhere you turn. I will return again and again when ai need a 'fix'.

Marcy Antle

OMG would I love to get lost in that room with all of your precious goodies!!! I love the alcove with the curtains and clothes pin hangings. And the lace, oh my the lace. And it is ALL gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. QueenMarcy


Lovliness Alice~


I love this space - my favorite so far in my tour, but I am not at alll surprised by that. I love your work and St Joshua's too.

My favorite picture of the entire grouping is the paintbrush one.THose soft and elegant colors stained into the bristles of those beautiful brushes. YUMMY. I would love to have that photo framed for my space.

Ali Gripp

Oh Alice..it is just as beautiful as I envisioned that it would be!! Thank you so much for sharing! Hugs, Ali

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Oh Alice. Your creative space is absolutely BREATHTAKING!!! I'm in love with each and every element ~ but I knew it would be wonderful....just knew ~ xxoo, Dawn

Julie Marie Vicknair

Oooh Alice, it is all so beautiful, just like you...I cannot pick a favorite, they are all just so lovely...well, maybe I can pick a favorite, "Renoir"! P.S. Please tell him thank you for telling me how he handles "The dog days of summer" too, I loved your comment!


Hey Chickadee!
I love every little corner of your space! Esp the jars and jewelry boxes
Big mermaid hugs



Can you say .. Your space just takes my breath away! I could just look at your pics forever!
Well, it looks to me like we create and craft from the same blood.. I have been getting more & more ideas, with every blog I visit..lol
Huh..like I really need more ideas to fill my brain!!

Thanks for Sharing you Creative Space.


Rebecca Ersfeld

Hello Alice
Thank you for visiting my studio, I enjoyed your comments.
Your studio is fabulous and I don't know what to look at first...I will have to come back. the burlap walls are fabulous and all your jars of stuff :)
My problem is I have two studios, one in the back of my shop and the one at home. Most of my stuff is at the shop because I am there more than I am at home. I could have shot that but I could only clean one studio at a time--big job.
I also put up a slide show because for some stupid (meaning my computer skills) reason the pictures didn't enlarge...
It was so nice to meet you. Please stop in again and I will as well.


Wow! Your photos make me feel like I'm looking at a magazin! Just stunning! So glad you joined the party so I could find you! Thanks so much for sharing! Just lovely. Hugz, Z

Brenda Kula

Well, I have to say I was so immersed in your inspired spot that I didn't want to leave. Lovely things in every nook and cranny! So I shall be adding you to my blog roll to visit quite often. Eye candy feeds the soul.

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