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August 04, 2009


Julie Marie Vicknair

Oh Alice, what a beautiful post! You find the most wonderful things at your flea markets, and how sweet Josh searches for things for you too...I wish we had more flea markets here, especially a one dollar booth! Thank you so much for showing the little vintage box of bottlecaps,and mentioning my blog... I am happy you liked them and cannot wait to see what you create with them... and yes, I ADORE Renoir, he is my "bloggy doggie" penpal! Doggie kisses sweet Renoir!


Such beautiful things! You had really good luck at the flea market! I especially love the infant of prague rosary - I love old religious items!


lovely as always.......and great prices too!


Gorgeous finds. I recently found a silver tea set to add to my every burgeoning collection. I love the door plates! Have a great day.


Beautiful photos as always Alice!

Milli Wagoner

Hi Alice, Josh and sweet Renoir,
Wow, you have found some beautiful treasures! How fun that Josh knows what you love so well and shops with you and for you! I love all of your finds but especially the gold charm bracelet, the slipper charm with emeralds is beautiful, and I SO love the door knob plates! I can't wait to see more pictures of your Atelier, so hurry with those, please, hahaha!!! Enjoy your time creating!

Rosa Guerreiro

WaWWWW, breath taking! So many beautiful photos on a single post! Love your blog and have added you to my favourite blog list.
Thanks for sharing inspiration,
Rosa from Portugal


So many wonderful treasures Alice, love everything! Enjoy ~ Rebecca


You know the old sheep prints used to bring a great deal of money to the antique shops, can't wait to see it in person!

great pics as always!!!



Dear sweet Alice,

I was so delighted to see a post from you... I have missed you! Your photos are gorgeous as always!

I love all of your new finds. How wonderful that your beloved Joshua knows you so well and picks out such beautiful things to bless you with! Oh, I am so excited you are looking at purchasing a home next year. I know the Lord has something special for you, Joshua and Renoir! You have your current home decorated so beautifully, I know your next one will be just as beautiful!

The rhinestone buttons and hat clip Joshua found for you are so pretty and old-fashioned! I have not seen any like that. Thank you for sharing the link to the shop. The rosary, charm bracelet and white creamer are all so pretty. A dollar is an excellent price for it and the lamp base. I agree it is pretty as is. I love old Bibles, they are so pretty, and you can see they were well-loved and read! The doorknob keyhole plates are very stunning, and I love the old cabinet card. Old photos are so wonderful aren't they? The lamb print is gorgeous! I am so glad you found that. I love how you hung it with lace.

That was so sweet of Julie to send you the vintage box with old bottle caps. I will have to stop by and visit her.

Enjoy working on your new things! I know they will be fabulous!

Love and blessings,

P.S. I look forward to seeing more photos of your Atelier.!


I forgot to tell you that I think your new blog header is gorgeous! You are such an inspiration!!!

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Yummmmm, I love all of your new finds sweet Alice!!!! Your taste is just exquisite to me...choosing so many of the same things that I would ~ I hope you don't mind that I provided a link to your beautiful creative space to Jo Packham of Where Women Create...simply because it is breathtaking ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Joy Jones

Hi Alice! Your new treasures are sooo beautiful and Josh seems to have the same wonderful eye for detail that you do. You two are the dynamic duo! Looking forward to seeing more photos of your studio and I think it's a great idea that we should all come visit...I'll bring a pitcher of lemon drop martini's to share : ) ~ xo Joy

My Shabby Roses

You found some great things Alice. I love it all!


Can I bring Josh to the flea market with me, he's got a good eye! Just kidding:) It's amazing how many goodies you found on a budget...I love the little roasary - so special!!

:) T

Sheila R

Your finds are so sweet and lovely. Isn't it wonderful to find things together. In our married days before kids, my husband and I would head off early in the morning hitting lovely shops and antiques all day. Now these trips are few and far between due to the family schedules - school, sports and all the activities - but so special when you share them with your special love. Enjoy these wonderful moments together and treasure them!


Dear Alice: I love all the treasures you found. I love to hunt for treasures too, I think it is literally the thrill of the hunt for me. From one addict to another, "you did good"! Martha

Leah C

What pretty treasures you found! When you do get a house, I'm sure it will be beautifully put together...just like your studio:)

LiLi M.

Not only did you find some real treasures at bargain prizes, but you made such wonderful photos of them too. I could sit here all day and watch and enjoy them. Don't know whether that is good or bad. I guess good for you (a compliment) bad for me because I should at least pretend I have something else to do!
I'm off, busy, busy, busy! :-D

Rebecca Ersfeld

Hi Alice
Your post is lovely, I adore sheep and that print is great. If you get time please come over - I have something for you
Have a great day

Violet @Create Beauty

Beautiful treasures, thanks for sharing! You have such an eye for beauty - and displaying it in your home as well as in your heart!
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Or, if you owed $8,000 - you would instead owe $0. Quite an incentive for those who are buying this year. ANYWAY - I can hardly wait to see what you are going to create with your new treasures! Your creations make my heart sing! Have a beautiful creative day .... Violet


what wonderful finds! and cheers to the hubby for finding so many good things too :)

miss gracies house

Beautiful finds! I love the old Bibles the best-I've been collecting them too these days. I hope mine is that worn someday:)
Your studio is a true inspiraton! It is fun to watch your style and talents grow by leaps and bounds!

Tracie~My Petite Maison

What beautiful finds, Alice! What I love the best is that each item is quite wonderful by itself and then you've taken them to the next level with your art of romantic photography.
I'd really love to be locked inside your house to dream, a feeling I most often associate with a beautiful shop. Your home is a place amongst just one other I've seen in blog land that stands alone for its romance and beauty (just my humble opinion, cher amie!).


Hello Alice
I've been away too long and just caught up on your blog. Oh the pictures!!! I've enjoyed stepping in to your Atelier and almost gasped at all of the beauty. You have collected the most amazing treasures..on every shelf. It is almost too much to take in all at once, as I have such similar tastes and would have been overjoyed to find so many of the same things (the rhinestones, the vintage jewlery boxes, the baby shoes, mother of pearl buttons, old photos and tattered Bibles....). And that sweet picture of Renoir sleeping on the doily. Your blog is just so, so beautiful (love your new banner too). Can't wait to see what surprises you have up your sleeve...maybe an upcoming publication? Thank you for the wonderful moments I've had while visiting your blog.


Thanks so much for visiting me today! I have added your name to my give away...
hope you are having a happy day.
xoxo Lidy


Hi Alice,
I really don't even know where to start. Amazing finds, I really do love it all. The little sheep print is a unique find. I love any print of sheep or lambs.
I love that you have a partner in crime. One that truely knows what you love and can find the great 'stuff' too.
I just coming here for all the beauty I need to start my day.


All beautiful finds Alice, they will keep you busy

Best wishes, Carolyn

Junque Couture

Love your new stuff and can't wait to see your new products!

Debbi Howard

Some very beautiful & interesting items! I can't believe some of those "deals" - the Bible is so old and was $1 - WOW!

Just think of all of the memories and history in these things!

Andrea - Faded Plains

Beautiful finds you and Josh uncovered...especially love the lamb print.


I was just in Rochester visiting my family. A once a year event! We did all the fun stuff! Have you been to the Leaf and Bean Coffee Shop in Chili? It's awesome! I visited Utopia in West Henrietta(my fav), estate sales, garage sales, Antique Craft and Coop on Ridge Road. Whew! Ate some Zweigles and Brueggers and PIZZA! Do you go to the Avon Flea Market? Is that where you find things? I arrived too late on Sunday and they were shutting down. My in laws live in Avon. Just thought I would say hello! My favorite of your finds is the Sheep Print. Love it!


Such beautiful things, as always. I love the way you take a picture! Every Sunday morning I come over here while enjoying my Coffee, and just breathe in your photography. It's becoming a ritual with me! You are quite simply, Alice, the best. Happy Sunday to you, Blessings!

Margaret Bouwmeester

Beautiful Alice, love the sparkles!!! It's so nice that you and Josh do things together....... your photography is simply stunning!!!
Margaret B

Aimee Boschet

Your pictures are just beautiful!!!
I love the rhinestone buttons.

Have a great week,


You found some real treasures! I don't what I liked best! Enjoy each one. And I do so love all the pictures of your studio. Thank you for sharing.


Lovely treasures!:)

Jeni Carlson

You have such a beautiful style. I love visiting your journal. Thanks for sharing. You exude kindness.

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

oh, all your finds are beaitiful. especially the rosary and teh sheep oil! Hope you are enjoying the last days of summer before fall. It is my favorite season as well. Maybe becasue I was born in september?
xoxo, Tiffany

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