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September 09, 2009


Milli Wagoner

Alice, I love all of your new treasures! Oh, I wish I could visit your flea markets! You and Josh have such an eye for finding the beautiful things and at such great prices, too! The Holy Family tapestry is so pretty and reminds me of one my sister brought back from Japan in 1977 (her husband was in the air force at the time) I don't know the actual size of her's but it covered a whole entire wall! I think it's so sweet that you treat yourself to fresh flowers, I do that too! I hope the jury duty went well. Have a wonderful week and enjoy your new treasures!

The White Bench

Oh my gosh, Alice! ALL is stunning!!! Love that chair and the glass lamp! Sooo beautiful, and what a great deal!!
I loved to have you visit!

Julie Marie

Hello Alice, everything is so beautiful! What a beautiful giveaway package you received from Mira, I love the Farine heart...Your white canisters are always so pretty in the photographs...the urn from your dad is gorgeous and so extra special coming from him! I would love to find that pretty covered dish, and for only $1.00! I too am adding hints of black here and there, I love the look...The Madonna and Confirmation Certificate are such treasures! And how sweet of your sister to give you the little nuns that belonged to her fiance's mother, she knew you would give them a very good home... I love that you went with your feelings and went back for that little botanical print, it is priceless! Jack always says I rule my life by my emotions... I take that as a compliment! Sometimes wonderful things happen when you just go with your feelings! Love to you and Josh, and as always, doggie kisses Renoir! Julie Marie


wow........you got some great stuff for really cheap.........love it all. Your husband has a good eye too.....

Sheila R

Love each little treasure you fond! Just love that crystal lamp... I agree the shade is gorgeous!


Beautiful finds Alice! I especially love the urn, farine heart and the confirmation certificate. I am sure you wonder as I do when I find paper items why someone would ever want to part with them. Lucky you to find it and give it a wonderful home!

Alison Gibbs

Alice what beautiful gifts from Mira's giveaway win.
What fabulous flea market finds

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

what a lovely giveaway gift... and wrapped up so pretty! I LOVE all of your flea finds... the holy family tapestry is beautiful and the madonna statue is so beautiful. Your photographs are always so gorgeous. xoxo Heather

Joy Jones

Hi Alice! Your treasures are beautiful and so is your gorgeous photography. And the deals you got! WOW! I need to go shopping with you ~ Have a beautiful day ~ xo Joy


You have a treasure trove of goodies. All so beautiful. I can't even pick a favorite of all you showed. Your pictures glow with love for all your new items


Very very pretty... everything speaks of you... and remind me of you... so lovely!


Karla Nathan

Your pictures always are so soothing and lovely!

Leah C

Oh my goodness, you found some fabulous things! And those prices...I think I might need to shop the flea market(s) you go to:)


Alice what a beautiful post.. You found some really beautiful treaures.. From the chippy chair and urn to the botanical print it's all just stunning.. Great prices.. I also love all the pretties you won from Mira's giveaway.. Hope all is well.. I'm going to an antique show this weekend..Hope I'll find some pretty things to.. Ps: that lampshade is gorgeous..

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Oh Alice, I love it ALL!!! Wonderful gifts and finds...and the prices were GREAT!!!! Gorgeous taste my dear...xxoo, Dawn


What fun I had visiting your blog today! Congrats on the wonderful giveaway you won. And oh my goodness...like everyone else I am just enamored with all of the treasures you found!! Where do I begin...the vintage necklace with the black beads, the beautiful Holy Family tapestry...sweet vintage lamp with the incredible shade, the nun figurines(I've never seen anything like those)...I would have been happy to go home with any one of your great finds!! Thanks for sharing..and your photography is incredible as always.

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Wow, you did really, REALLY well, Alice!! Love all your finds, I really don't know which one is my favorite.... And of course you always photograph beautifully!!!


Dear Alice,

I love all of the beautiful things Mira sent you! I am so glad you won her giveaway. It belonged in your lovely home! The Farine heart looks so beautiful in your hutch with all your white dishes and those pretty white flowers! Your photos are gorgeous! I am so glad you and Joshua found so many pretty treasures at the flea market, and for good prices, too! The covered dish is beautiful, and so is all of your the vintage jewelry. You have such a great eye. The lamp is so pretty. I look forward to seeing the shade you make for it. I love the tapestry and I think it is gorgeous! How wonderful it came all ready to hang on the wall. The Madonna is so lovely and the certificate is amazing!!! What a treasure! The nuns are so sweet, and the lamp and print are beautiful! A perfect vignette! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful finds!

Love, Paula


Very beautiful love all the pieces. If you need a place to store them check my site we have a large selection of jewelry boxes and armoires


anne marie


that's just awesome....actually, your whole post was great - photos, objects and I love seeing glimpses of your home....

haven't been here in awhile!
no excuses....



I love all your treasures. Your post is so beautiful. You take the best pictures, you must have a great camera. Or could it be that you are just over talented? That must me it! Blessings, Martha

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Hi Alice,
This is just the beautiful escape I needed today. All your gifts from Mira are beautiful, I knew that heart would look so nice in your home. I really wish they had flea markets like yours there on the west coast. You and Josh found gorgeous items, that chair is adorable.

I hope everything worked out with the jury summons, I can so relate (I'll tell you about it sometime). I think you certainly deserved a nice bouquet.

Happy weekend!


Beautiful things, beautiful pictures!


You were really SO lucky to get this beautifully wrapped gift! Everything is so nice.
I loved the description of your flea market finds ;) and I really like the blue chair. Aren't flea markets exciting?? It makes me want to go to one soon again, here in Paris they also have a good choice of very interesting things!

Love, Chani

lorraine lewis

Fun treasures and what great prices- I love the color of the chair- so pretty!

victorian inn bed and breakfast

All the stuffs are so nice and lovely.It is so antique and beautiful.Decoration is also lovely...


Gorgeous finds and amazing religious treasures! I found your blog through Etsy, not sure how I got to your store, but I love it! Thanks for sharing your finds, they are all amazing and so is your photography!

cindy geilmann

I loved my visit so much, I felt like I was shopping with you. I'm in Montreal right now and I've been to antique stores. The best price I can find is a $2.00 button. I'm looking at things that are hundreds of dollars. I bought the buttons and I'm so excited about them.

Thank you for the visit



Hi, I just found your blog! I too am in love with vintage religious!! The tapestry is beautiful! So is your new Madonna... everything is perfect!

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