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November 23, 2009


Julie Marie Vicknair

Hello dear Alice... congratulations! I already looked at your feature on Etsy, it is wonderful! You should be so very proud, I am so proud of you! Your winter wonderland items are so gorgeous, I am heading back to Etsy right now, I have my eye on one of them! I won't say which one, I don't want anyone to buy it before I get there! Love to you sweet friend, doggie kisses to little Renoir and I wish you, Josh and Renoir a very beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving... xoxo Julie Marie

Karen Valentine

Congratulations Alice!!!! That is so exciting. I always find it so fascinating when you say you don't understand why you are chosen for special things to happen to you. It's because you ARE special and deserve all good things to come to you. I love visiting your blog and soaking all your wonderful creativity. I wish you all the success in the world. Happy Thanksgiving!

My Desert Cottage

Julie Marie Vicknair

Yippeeee! I got it... the beautiful vintage Gypsy embellished scarf!!! I love it, thank you Alice! xoxo Julie Marie

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Congrats on being a featured seller, Alice, you are very deserving!!!!!! Love, love, love all you sweet creations... Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Your blog is so lovely, congrats on being the featured seller!


Dear Alice - you must start accepting that you are very, very talented and of course you are deserving of these accolades! Your faithful blog readers know it, as does everyone who has met you or bought something from you. Congratulations, my friend!



OF COURSE You're featured, interviewed, loved! Your work is amazing - no matter what aspect of your creativity you are sharing.

The interview was really good! Congratulations!!

Blessings... Polly (p.s. and you're so sweet to mention FC - thank you.)

Yolanda  De Leon

Hi I love your blog, I read about you on Etsy and I just want to congratulate on your wonderful collection of beautiful items! I am inspired specially by the computer nook ( I have one as well and have been struggling with it).


Alice amor, Congratulations on being the featured seller :) As for not knowing why you were chosen...amor, look at yoru work..it is stunning to say the least, I hope to one day one some myself :) I will go over to your shop and see...but from what you have shown here...it is gorgeous. Besos, Rose


Congrats, Alice. You deserve all of the recognition you are receiving. Now, I'm heading over to Etsy to view your winter collection. :)

Natasha Burns

Yay!!! Congratulations Alice, that's wonderful! I love the peeks at your new creations, I'm heading over now to read about it. I'm so happy for you!


Oh my goodness, Alice!
Congratulations! I'm so thrilled for you and not one bit surprised that they would choose to feature you.
-Allison from Dallas


Hi There! I was reading your interview on etsy and decide to make my way to your shop and your blog. You have some amazing stuff and are very talented! Keep pouring your heart into it cause it shows!


Congratulations you deserve it! Your work is gorgeous! Love everything about it!
Take care,


Congratulations on your feature! You deserve it, love your work!!

A Gift Wrapped Life

A fabulous article and wonderful exposure for you Alice! Well-deserved and that camera and your talented hands will take you to wonderful places. Congratulations!


HAPPY DANCE here in Michigan for you Alice!! I was so excited to read this tonight. I am at my daughters again (can you say HIGH SPEED...YAY) I can look at your whole blog in the blink of an eye instead of waiting and waiting and finally giving up. LOVE your new offerings and I also picked up the magazine that your beautiful article is in (artful blogging) Love it! You are so blessed and I hope you feel that way this Thanksgiving!


Dear Alice,
I am so happy that you have been given this honor. I know you have worked very hard on these beautiful items. They are stunning. I'm off to read the interview now.


No wonder they contacted you. Your items are beautiful. Congratulations and Happy Thanksgiving


Hello! I saw you on the FP of Etsy, congrats on your featured seller! I can understand your excitement, being there is a huge honor. I can't imagine your delight when you got that email! I'm in Buffalo, not too far :) Your blog is lovely! Congrats on all your success!! My best, Susan


such a beautiful shoppe!

i'd love to add you to my post i hope to run soon of etsy favorites!!

sweet cottage dreams

Your blog is just so beautiful...from the handmade items, gorgeous pictures and wonderful playlist. You are so deserving of recognition....truly.

Becky :)

Deirdra Doan

I found you on Etsy but I should have found you in Artful Blogger. My dolls are in the same issue with the Mad Hatter Blog Party.

White is so pure and heavenly...beautiful work and blog. I look forward to getting to know your work and blog.

What church paints on stage? and in what town?
Sounds fun....but scary yes...


Congrats Alice! You deserve it (really). Glad Etsy realizes it, too!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Robin Thomas

Sigh...such lovely things, photographed so beautifully. Congratulations on being a Featured Seller. They were so smart ot have chosen you!

Amanda Bernard

Before today I had no idea who you were. I saw you as the featured seller on etsy today and followed the link to your blog. Your work is very beautiful, with all of the whimsy and romance that I feel and have no idea how to express. A crafty gal myself with a few sales, I have dreamed of a life where I could stay at home to create beautiful things that others could enjoy as well. Your talent and faith are an inspiration. Thank you dearly. Keep up the great work!!!


Huge congratulations to you!

I came from your etsy feature, but I'm an avid blogger too so I'm thrilled to have found another great blog.


Congratulations on being a featured seller. Your work is gorgeous...and I have to say, reading your profile was weirdly like reading a biography about me...Prancer? I LOVE that movie! I thought no one else knew about it...Way to go, kindred spirit!


Hello Alice: Congratulations on your Etsy featured seller article! Love, love, love your shoppe and offerings. Particularly love your shades of white palette - calming, romantic, thoughtful. Have linked you to my typepad blog so others can enjoy your blog. BEJOYFUL.....BarbaraDoone


Oh. My. God.
Alice, I just clicked on over from your etsy featured seller article - and oh my what have I uncovered?! I LOVE your blog, I LOVE you etsy shop, I LOVE your style. I am drooling on my keyboard oh dear. Will definately doing a feature on you over on my blog ;)
P.S. I am quitting my day job after Christmas (yikes!) to pursue working from home just like you, with my puppy under my desk just like you. Reading about you has inspired me so much and I'm more excited rather than scared now!

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Alice, I found you on Etsy's featured seller and am so glad I did! Love your style!

Denise M

CONGRATS!!! So well deserved! Just so happy for you!


Looking SO lovely! I know it has been lots of work, but it turned out just perfect. (now get some sleep!!!)
Meet up after Thanksgiving?

Leah C

Absolutely a big deal! And why not you?! Alice, you are so talented and creative, you deserve to be a featured seller:) Congratulations to you! And a happy, Happy Thanksgiving:)


Congrats Alice, that is a huge accomplishment!! all of your goodies look amazing, I will be right over to your shoppe to have a look see!! happy Thanksgiving!


Great Alice Congratulations!!!!And what wonderful items!!!! I love all! Such great ispiration!!!!

Dandelion Daydreamer

I saw you on etsy frontpage! congrats! and so happy as it has led me to your lovely blog :) I am a keen new follower and will stop by to post some images of your work on my blog if that is okay? good luck with your busy week ;)

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

Congratulations on being a featured seller on Etsy's front page. You have a wonderful shop and truly deserve to be there. Enjoy. :0)

Kylie @ All Things Lovely

Saw you on Etsy, and think your shop is just beautiful, as is your blog. :-)




Your work is outstandingly beautiful! I love all your handiwork..and really can tell you DO put your heart and soul. My sister in law and I recently started our own Etsy shop and saw your feature...just lovely!!!!!!!!! I have the Artful Blogger issue too and didn't put two and two together until now! LOL!


I have never visited your blog before, but I just had to after reading about you on etsy. The things that you make are all so beautiful!

Kerryanne English

Congratulations Alice and YES it is a big honour. I happened to be over on Etsy today when I spotted your gorgeous smiling face. I was thrilled for you and delighted to see all your beautiful artworks - well done.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Elizabeth Kay

Congratulations! I read about you on Etsy and ended up here at your blog. I really resonate with your aesthetic, philosophies, and faith and I just wanted to reach out and say congrats!

Sheila R

Congrats! Oh, what lovely items... you truly deserve it!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Congratulations on being a featured seller! I found your blog through your Etsy shop, which I featured you on my little blog about all things white and serene.


I'm really happy for you! I love all your creations and your beautiful photographs! I think you are a wonderful person with a beautiful soul and I want to be just like you when I grow up!!!!
Have a wonderful day filled with sunshine and inspiration!


so happy to have found such a lovely blog and shop! your work speaks for itself - timeless classics. can't wait to see more~! congrats on being featured - very well deserved and one of my faves so far.


so lovely and beautiful al your creations! full of inspiration, i love it i love it...
the colours are so me.....I will invite you to visit my blog, i think you will like it..



tea time and roses

Hello Dear Alice,

I followed your lovely blog from your wonderful feature on Etsy! Congratulations to you! I am so happy to be visiting here today, yours is a most beautiful blog. I am looking forward to many many visits here. You are a true inspiration! Thank you so much. You and your family enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving.



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