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January 30, 2010



Hi Alice,

Love your new creation!!
No jelly for me, I would love a chocolate brownie with my cup of tea...

Love Patricia


Oh this Jam recipe sounds delicious! I will have to give it a try. As for the parafin ~ if you aren't familliar with using it ~ it was melted in a pan and poured over the just filled jars on top of the jam or jelly to seal in freshness. My grandmother often did this with small batches of jams and jellies when she did not have canning lids with bands or the rubber seals for the glass top jars with the wire bales.
I remember thinking how fun it was pushing down on one edge of the hardened parafin disc to hear the pop the parafin seal to get to the surprise below.
Thanks for the memories this morning ~ I'll let you know how the jam is when I try the recipe out! Have a great day ~ Rebecca

Julie Marie Vicknair

Hello Alice... oooh, I would so love to visit with you and have a cranberry scone and tea, then a brownie and tea, then a piece of cake and tea... (we would have alot to talk about!) the collage you made is beautiful! My mama always sealed her jams and jellies with parafin wax. Back then, it cost alot less than lids and rings and seems like most ladies sealed theirs that way... that brings back so many memories of watching my mama melt the wax and pour it on top...hope you are enjoying your new home... love to you, kisses Renoir! xoxo Julie Marie


your collage is lovely. i love making jam. i've only tried strawberry & blueberry. i love those old recipe cards, so sweet. it does make you wonder about those who held them before you, doesn't it?


Alice this is the most delightful piece!! Love the embellies, really makes you want to create Jam from scratch and pour over some warm scones with cream!!
So glad you are getting settled!! Renoir is the most precious sweetie and he seems to be enjoying the view!! xOxO Nerina

Leah C

My maternal grandmother used to make her own jellies & jams...they were yummy. I always wished I had asked her to teach me how to make them. The collage is really sweet:)


Hi Alice,
I have tons of these old recipe cards and books too....one of those things I could just never pass up at yard sales, etc....did one funny art project with a hot dog and baked bean recipe...hoping to do some more projects with them soon! I made my own plum preserves once...a looonnnggg time ago! I'm itching for the day...a few weeks from now when I will have time on my side! Take care, Laura :)

Bine by Beldecor

Dear Alice,
thanks for your lovely comment... I would like to give the compliment back, your blog is adorable and soooo romantic. Have a great week and many time for the beautiful things in live...
Many warm greetings from Germany


Hi Alice I love very much your new creation!
Wonderful pictures as always!
Have a nice week


Dear Alice,

Your collage is just beautiful! You are so creative! It would be wonderful to have tea and scones with you sweetie!!!! I am glad you are getting settled in your new home. I am sure you will find your dream home soon. You will have this place looking gorgeous in no time! Renior looks adorable in his basket atop the dresser! I loved seeing the beautiful photos of your lovely Christmas decorating. I love all the white! Thank you for the inspiration you always share. Blessings to you dear friend! Keep warm!!!

Love, Paula

Amada Lebel

Lovely collage, just perfect! I haven't visited your blog in a while, just got busy I guess. I am so glad to be back!


Tea and a scone sounds perfect. I never met a scone I didn't like but I am rather particular about the jam or curd. The jam has to be strawberry. The curd can be lemon or strawberry.

Your collage is lovely.


Oh Alice your recipe card collage is so lovely!!! You always make the most beautiful things...and take such incredible photos! Have fun decorating your new home!

:) T


ok honey your making me feel real old, wasn't long ago we used parafin to seal the jam jars, I think your Uncle Danny still does, and believe it or not Elaine puts parafin in her chocolate to dip her peanut butter balls in for for Christmas. Wax tastes good! hahahaha



Alice, that is such a lovely piece. If I had tea with you, I would choose a cranberry scone. I love scones, especially cranberry ones.


Joy For the Journey

GORGEOUS photos..as always!!


There is something about food that brings people together good conversation good food and good people. When we are having a family get together the first question is what food will we have or with friends what food will we have and then everything else seems to fall in place.


How about a visit with tea and brownies? But I'm easy... this jam with a fresh baked scone sounds so wonderful. What a beautiful way to showcase a treasured recipe!

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Hi Alice,
I would love anything with sour cherries, one of my all time favorites and of course, I could spend days chatting with you! Another beautiful creation from you and your photography always shines. (Missed you, Renoir Boof! Zeke)

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