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March 10, 2010


Stephanie @ Old World Primitives

Your sense of style is inspiring. Congrats on your fabulous guest curation!


I love the article!!! I'm so proud of you honey! Congratulations!!! Everything is beautiful as usual!!!!

Love you and enjoy the limelight!

Kerryanne English

Congratulations Alice. You have amazing style and always inspiring. I'm off now to take a peek.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Victoria@Whimsy by Victoria

What a great post! I love it all! Your style is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing so many great Etsy boutiques and blogs. Have a wonderful week!


Tracie~My Petite Maison

Oh Alice,
I love your post here and I'm rushing off to Etsy in a moment. Your eye for detail is truly something to set dreams to for me. I can't wait to check out all the links you've provided for us here this evening and must add I too love June's light, airy style at Laughing with Angels. Also, Etsy isn't the only one that loves Thoughts from Alice W, I do too now & since the beginning. Congrats cher ami!

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Okay, I just went and looked and I want everything there (with the exception of the shutter pull that's sitting in the window here ;) Beautiful, beautiful Alice! Saw the comment from your mom too, so great!

Julie Marie

Hello Alice, how exciting! Congratulations to you! I have loved you and your style since I first found you... you have a style that is unique to you and you alone... Romantic sums it up so well... all of your photos are so beautiful... and how sweet of you to mention your favorite blogger ladies who have unique styles of their own as well... I am off to look at Etsy now too... xoxo Julie Marie

Sheila R

What a great honor! Congrats. Just love your style and your words.


That is so so very nice, Alice! congrats! That must have given energy, inspiration and excitement. It looks beautiful...

Angela Harris

congratulations! I'm working on my post about being featured in the listing below your article! I was so excited to see my fluer de lis tags. Thank you!!
You are so deserving of the curator spot!


alice, congrats! you can take a plain piece of paper and make the most beautiful vignettes and settings. can i be like you when i grow up? *wink*


Congrats on the feature! Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous and, of course, so romantic! :)


I love the article, everything is so beautiful and the colours are so serene and dreamy.


Congratulations on being the guest curator...I enjoyed your article very much. You are indeed a romantic and your sweet and carefully crafted vignettes always showcase your signature style. I look forward to visiting some of the shops of those mentioned...and share admiration for the favorite bloggers you listed.
Take care,


CONGRATS! I just love your taste and the photos you picked. I'm off to check out some of their shops and blogs........congrats again!!


alice congratulations, i'm thrilled for you! i love your style you can put things together to look so beautiful and romantic. i'm always amazed by your photography you have such a gift! couldn't happen to a sweeter girl! have a great day, i'm off to read it on Etsy. susan


Alice, I am so excited for you! what a wonderful article and the photos and items you chose are perfection!! I love your cabinet filled with all those lovely plates and that white scale is precious! Congrats on your article!


Yes! I read that article. I actually favorited some of the items you noted. it was a good one!!


Oh dear Alice,
congratulations to this wonderful article you did a marvellous job and I am proud like a little child just starting school that you mentioned my blog as one of your favorites! Being here is like visiting a fairy tale I savour every moment... Love & Blessings, Mira!


Congratulations, Alice! I can't wait to go visit some of these links you shared.

Blessings... Polly

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

Wonderful article, Alice! I will make note on my blog and link to your blog.


As always, this was just absolutely beautiful. You just exude beauty... and Congratulations! I'm not one bit surprised.


Alice I am so excited for your opportunity to be guest curator on this amazing blog and honored to have you include me. So honored.
I loved reading your sweet mom's comment. She indeed should be proud of her beautiful daughter.


Dear Alice
this is certainly a wonderful article.... love everything you do... you can be sooo proud of it!
Have a great weekend
Hugs Bine


I did enjoy this amazingly lovely post my friend!!! Lots of beautiful eye candy. Happy weekend. xox


Alice, CONGRATULATIONS for being chosen by Etsy! Love this post! I am off to read & browse at Etsy. Loved that chandi! I bet my checkbook won't. :) I did a post today about an artist that painted my dear Reba & thought you should check her out for Renior. Have a beatufiul weekend. Charlene


Congratulations and you are so well deserving I love your style it's soft whimisical and vintage. I always find things that I like while looking at your shop and of course reading your blog. You Done Good!

Leah C

How wonderful for you...congratulations, Alice! You know I'm a big fan of your style & design:) Thanks for all your creative inspiration!


wow this is a great post... and a great article. I am not really into etsy I guess i never had a good look at is. I also bever thought there were other 'shop'instead of those selling art! Thanks for all the info etc.. I am gonna check it out.
Congratulations to you ;)


Alice ~ I am thrilled for you !! You have been blessed with such a beautiful talent ~

Lisa Super

Absolutely gorgeous post Alice!


Lovely as always!! Congrats!


OMG, Alice! You did such a wonderful job! Your whites inspire me an awful lot!

Deirdre G

“I LOVE your style and your post. Your invemakes me realize everything every time I read.”

Deirdre G

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