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March 20, 2010


Natasha Burns

Stunning, Alice!!! Even though Spring arriving means our Summer has ended, if it means I can look at your beautiful photos of flowers changing vases and walks outside, then I'm happy! xo

Amy Kinser

What a wonderful birthday dinner your father must have had with you. It certainly looks like you made it very special.

I love the photos you took and the bicycles were just great. How clever.


Your photos are wonderful. I love your table decorating for the party, all the different chairs look amazing.

Margaret Bouwmeester

Alice, your photos are so beautiful, your father must have been delighted!! Love the table settings and the whole soft romantic look. I love to visit and see your stunning pictures, it always makes me feel so good!!!! I read your other posts and was touched by your Grandmother's wonderful religious things..... what special things to have, it made me kind of sad when you said she isn't at home anymore...... sounds like your Grandfather is doing okay though.
I am always putting fresh flowers everywhere too, funny how people that love flowers do that!
Have a happy Sunday, yeah spring is almost here,
Margaret B

Julie Marie

Hello Alice, your photos are so pretty. I love the bicycles too... the tricycle looks just like the little one my sisters and I all had as little girls... how fun you are out in the country now, I love the cows too! And your hydrangeas are beautiful. After a traumatic week, we are settling down and enjoying Spring now as well... Happy Spring to you! xoxo Julie Marie


Just lovely photos. I love your style. Hydrangeas are on of my most favorite flowers. :)


I love spring...And cows too ;-) Cute pics!

Sheila R

I am so ready for spring. I just love your photos... thanks for sharing a piece of this beautiful world God has given.

Leah C

Once again, your photos are so very lovely!! Thank you for giving me a bit of spring to look at...we had snow here yesterday. Ugh! I'm really anxious for spring to begin:) Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad!


Love your images today...that bike shot is amazing. Do you use photoShop? I am thinking of investing in that program...but don't know what to do.
Hugs today for a happy week.xoxo


I love it when I come here to get my shot of beauty. Your pictures are amazing Alice and I enjoy reading what is going on in your life at the moment. I hope your father had a wonderful day on his B-day. The photos of the cows are so darling...and those bikes!!!

Alison Gibbs

Oh what beautiful Spring photos. Love the bike photos too

Kerryanne English

Stunning photos Alice.
I hope Spring will arrive soon for you. I know we are just starting to see some hints of Autumn here on the other side of the globe, so the changing seasons are sneaking up on us now.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


We had Spring... and then a few inches of snow here in Dallas, which was SO odd. And the next day (today), it is 70 degrees... go figure.

philippine homes

Lovely centerpiece.

Deirdre G


Beautiful pictures! /linnea-maria

renaissance costume

Oh.. those are really good shots.. :) Belated happy birthday to your dad.. Yes.. its spring.. The most awaited season to arrive.. Hope all of us enjoy this spring.. :)

Andrea - Faded Plains

Your party table looks just beautiful...and so do the cows, bikes, flowers...actually...anything you photograph always looks amazing! Happy Spring Alice!


those are some of favorite flowers and your table setting is just beautiful, love all the little details like the rose on the side, so thoughtful. have a lovely day! susan


Hi Alice,
I decded I was going to sit here this time until ALL your photos loaded and it was so worth the wait! They are beautiful! I love those bikes!!!
PS Happy 50th birthday to your dad!!


your pictures are absolutely stunning...of course i'm partial to the ones with the cows though ;0)
i'm so glad spring is finally arriving for someone...sigh...we still have snow and freezing tempatures..oh well maybe by june!!


lorraine lewis

your images are gorgeous. Hydrangea's are my very favorite flower they look so lovely displayed on that white chair.


Love those bicycle pics, your photography is beautiful!

Your mismatched chairs are darling, adds to the charm :)


I'm too glad that spring has finally sprung! Yippee.

What a wonderful dinner you had for your dad. Such a prettily set table - the hydrangeas are gorgeous!


Tell you dad happy birthday from me. Tell him I am one of your many devoted readers. It is so special to enjoy and celebrate family. Just being with your family is so special no matter how small the house is or if the chairs do not match it's not about that and your knack for making everythings so beautiful and relaxed makes anything
anywhere look so beautiful.

Dore Callaway

Hi Alice...in her own WONDERLAND!!
You are just so together with your ispiring pages, Beautifully Perfectly Imperfect home decor pieces:)

Keep inspiring


The hydrangeas are gorgeous!

Happy Spring! :)


your images are my most favorite spring captures ive seen
love them all
especially the chair & hydrangeas

manvi @ mochatini

absolutely beautiful! i love your table decor. that china cabinet is adorable!

Wench Costume

Beautiful! You made be inspired! Reminds me of love story movies. Like it! Thanks for this blogpost!

wench costume

Yes! and now summer's in.. almost! enjoy everyone! teeeheee!

Pine Bookcase

Alice, your blog is so wonderful! I am so happy that I found it! I love how you share your stories and your photography is spectacular! Your taste on design is amazing as well. You make me appreciate white designs even more. I never thought of that idea before. I’m searching for a new pine bookcase for or house lately and thought I could use some design concepts from the internet. I really love your blog. I never got bored reading it. I feel like you are really connecting. I would love to come back to your site to keep up with you. Hope you won’t get tired updating!

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