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April 06, 2010



Oh oh!spring inspires, nature inspires!
Love your white style, it so became yours. Splashes of color you will make your own as well I am sure...you are so talented.

I really want to go check out that store now too... SOON


Oooh I love all of these images. The jewelry and the shoes...so pretty!


Love those boots Alice!! And your mustard pumps. WONDERFUL!! I suppose being the clumsy oaf that I am, I would "fall off" the heels, but I would give them a try if I HAD to. LOL


I love this!!!!

another great photo display honey!!


Rebecca Ersfeld

Hi Alice
I hope your Easter was a good one,
your spring colors are certainly inspirational. Love the boots girl!

Leah C

It's good to have a little color in our lives:)

Tina Pfeiffer

Nice nature prints, nothing overstated. The boots are fantastic. :)


Beautiful pictures and nice post. I love the cute toes on the blue shoes and the chamois colored ones. Diane


Hi Alice, what a refreshing spring post!
Love your (other) color world and those adorable vintage fabrics. Can't wait to see what might become of those.


Alice, I loved that you love wearing color. With my love for white at home, I'm the same way! And great feature by Vicki- congrats!

Sheila R

Love to see you have another side... as I love your signature color style and would like to incorporate it into my own, but I couldn't figure out how to give up my color. Thanks for reminding me that it is ok to have both sides of me.


what lovely photos, i love your finds too! i wish i spent more time sewing but clothes are more of a process which i rarely find the time to do! have fun :) hope all is well! susan

Julie Marie

Hello Alice, what an absolutely beautiful post! You know me and Nature, everything in my life reflects it... I love how you matched your photos to the actual beauty of Nature... my favorites are the green lace with the moss on the log... so gorgeous! And those little vintage post earrings... I have many pair from when I was a little girl and my little sister and I would make them in arts and crafts for our mama... we made them out of plaster of Paris then painted them... not sure if that's what yours are made from... I will try to photo mine and email it to you... I loved seeing all of the color in your life! xoxo Julie Marie Kisses Renoir!

Melissa Urban

Alice I love those boots!!! Where did you get them!?! You take beautiful pictures!

Dore Callaway

You just keep wowing us with your passion through the lens of your camera!!

Breath taking and so creative of you to show your passion through pictures.
Keep inspiring us Alice!

Will be back to snoop some more.
xx Dore


I love how you showed the photos of your cloths, jewelry, fabrics etc...followed with a photo of nature and how the colors match.

I don't do sewing machines....or needles and thread. SCARY STUFF

Thespoena McLaughlin

I've just found your blog hun, and it's very inspirational. I'm adding a link to you in my sidebar. Thanks for all the lovely eye candy. Hope you have a great day! I'll be back!


Alice this is such a beautiful post of nature. I always love to see your life through your lens. I was sure you had a colorful side. Rich beautiful color. I love your shoes!!! And those boots**swoon**

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

Alice, No matter what you create in any shade it is ALWAYS fabulous! Love the boots and dress-up shoes....please tell me you do not wear flip-flops in the summer ;-)

Dore Callaway

Hello Alice who LIVES in her own WONDERLAND!!
You are a creator of love on your blogs.

Come by and see what I have done with scarps of FABRICS and maybe you will want to do some in the colorful tones of your FABRICS.

Making time to...
Inspire and Create




Fantastic photos, all the colours just flow from one to the next...

Kerryanne English

Wow, so much eye candy there today Alice. I love Josh's beautiful creations - how can you bare to part with them?
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

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