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April 01, 2010



I can't imagine people passed up your creations for shoes! You can get shoes anywhere but your items are truly unique.

My sister is an artist and she did a show at Christmas. She worked day and night creating items for the event. She was so disappointed when she barely made her table money back. No accounting for taste!

Have a wonderful Easter. I'm off to check out your shop.


Hi Alice,
you are so right...this community of ours is the best! Your items are lovely and apparently those ladies were blind!
Happy Easter! Laura :)


So jealous of your weather- it's snowed here for 2 days straight. Ridiculous. I know I just keep leaving you (lame) comments- but I am just amazed at your style. It's just so. . . je ne sais quoi, you know?


Awww that is ashame...they sure did miss out on a lot when they passed your table by for shoes....your pieces are beautiful!

Sheila R

Always be your authentic self. You have a talent and passion that infuses everything you do. Keeping being the you God created.

Happy Easter.


It is so nice to be a part of a group of women who "get" one another. Your creations are so beautiful and so unique and there are lots of us who appreciate them (and you) - I always say to my husband in situations like that...people are funny! Enjoy the warm weather!!

Sandra O

Hi Sweet Alice,

Your items are gorgeous--so their loss! LOL! I for one love all your items and am beyond excited when they arrive at my doorstep! You are talented and gifted. So thank you to you!!!

Happy Easter to you and yours!



I think I know how you feel. Years ago I had a similar experience and I think it helps you grow and learn that a lot of people just aren't "getting it". Their loss I say. But the blogging community is different. We "get it" and we're so fortunate to have each other.


As a former shoe buyer for Nordstrom, trust me, I love shoes!
However, in a venue such as that I'm sure I would have honed in on the one-of-a-kind creations such as yours over a pair of shoes that can be found elsewhere! I know that you know that this experience in no way diminishes your lovely work........have a happy Easter:)


Those ladies probably had no clue how to decorate they have decorators do it for them if they decorate at all (; I know if I would have walked up to your table I would have thought I was in Heaven, it sounds like you were just in the wrong place. Next time, forget the mansion, come to my house and set up, just think you wouldnt have to repack cause I would buy it all, LOL!

Julie Marie

Hi Alice, I'm sorry things did not go better for you at the show, but you got to see what things were like, and I would have spent the entire time (and my money!) at your part of the show! I was never meant to fit in with the "ritzy" crowd of women either... Hey, look at it this way, THEY didn't fit in with YOU! I am excited to look in your shops at your new items... Lucky you having warm weather! We have been in the 30's the past three days and snow each day, rats! I am hoping it warms up soon! Wishing you, Josh and Renoir a beautiful Easter... love to you... Easter kisses Renoir... xoxo Julie Marie

sandra blanks

Hi Alice,
I'm so sorry to hear your experience wasn't a good one, but it definitely wasn't because your creations aren't beautiful. You were just in the wrong place I guess. None of my "home" friends "get" me. They probably wonder what in the world I see in "old stuff", but that's ok, I wonder why they don't see the beauty! Everyone has their own style... Don't let it get you down, you have tons of admirers here!


Hi Alice, have just found you via the cottage of the month. lovely blog, i have enjoyed visiting and will pop back again!

Robin Thomas

I have made dolls and pillows for years. It was only when I put my knits out there that I started to see sales. The textiles for the home just do not do as well for me as something a woman can wear, ergo the jewelry and shoes. Your things are stunning. I am someone that prefers dishes to clothes and am practical about a toilet versus diamonds, so it is hard for me to understand the lure of personal accessories. I would have ruined your pillows with drool, so it is better I was not there...

Leah C

Oh Alice, you're always a hit with us! Those ladies at the show just simply didn't know what they were missing;) Hugs to you...and a Happy Easter! Enjoy that sunny weather:)


Hi Alice, it really can be so dispiriting ending up in the wrong place (tried it myself... big sigh) but as you so rightly say, it's wonderful to part of this community - people who appreciate the heart and soul that goes into creativity. Let those women have their shoes and we'll keep swooning over the beauty in your creations. Multum in parvo... much in little. That's where to find beauty.


We do get you. We appreciate the beauty of your creations and everything worn and chipped and full of history. I have a feeling I would have been totally out of place with those women. On the other hand, if I had been lucky enough to visit your booth - I would have had the best time!


Karla Nathan

Oh my gosh, I feel for you! I've set up at a sale like that before and got the wallflower treatment too. I think that at the sale I was at, it wasn't shoes that drew them, it was purses and fur coats. Far, far from what I do.

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

From our nest to your nest, have a very blessed Easter!

Amada Lebel

Oh Aloce,
My heart is just breaking for you - yet I know exactly how you feel. I LOVE your things and believe that sometimes it's just not the right venue. Recently, I did a show where I was accross from a gal who sold fabulous headbands with jewels and such. The ladies were gaga over them. Vanity sells!


I am sure that I speak for everyone on here and on Etsy in saying that you would be welcome in my home anytime! But I am afraid that I wouldnt let anyone buy any of your beauties....I would want them all to myself :) As my hubby says - "just cuz you have money doesnt mean you have taste..."

"Boo" on them for passing you by....but YAY for the rest of us that get to swoop in on your goodies! Im a headin over to your shops... :D

ps - who needs shoes anyways with 80 degree weather??!


I'm so glad spring is finally here! Congratulations on your show, I'm sure you'll have TONS of hits next time :)

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Well send some of that warm weather this way, it's raining here again. I have been gone way too long since I missed the news about your first show. I would've loved to go into the big mansion and scoop all your goods to live in my tiny maison here and you know, I would if I could any day of the week! One thing is for certain... I missed you loads cher ami!
Love to you, Josh and Renoir this Easter (and always). ~Tracie

Susan Frick

Hello Alice,
I felt compelled to write to you, after following your blog a few months now. I discovered your work in Somerset Life, and now am a huge fan. After I read that you were presenting at an art show, I really wished I could have gone! Alas, I live too far away. Although that show didn't quite attract enough of your fans, please know what an inspiration you are with your beautiful art and blog. Thank you, Susan Frick


Oh sweet Alice. I am so sorry your show didn't do better, but I do understand. People around here are still stuck in the "country" mode of decorating and I mean the years ago country style. I am definitely unique in my decor and I love it!! I would come to your show and purchase things in a heartbeat!! Keep your chin up. We love you and we love your work!!


Alice, if I had been there I would of thrown those shoes off to the side and landed right on top of that gorgeous tablecloth! You are the one with the talent, and if you ever do a show out in Calif., watch out girl, lol.
french blessings to you,


Alice I know that I feel blessed here as well. We all 'get' each other and there is a lot of cheering going on here. I know how blessed I feel to have you in my life.


Oh my everything looks so lovely...wish i could of come by..but I will hop over to your etsy shop to take a peek right now...wishing you a blessed Easter my friend. xoxo


so sorry you had a bad experience, those ladies don't know what they are missing out on. your things are gorgeous, your style is gorgeous! you are such an inspiration.

Kerryanne English

It's true Alice, in blogland we are blessed to be surrounded by others who totally 'get us'. I suffered a similar fate to you when I recently moved to the country. At my first market there, no one understood what faux cakes were. It's an eye opener!!
Happy Easter to you, Josh and Renoir,


Hi Alice,
I agree with Kerryanne, the blogging community is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I too have unfortunatly had the sort of experience you had when I used to do markets. We would get the most gracious comments on how our products were made & displayed & even if we had a brick & mortor store but as for selling things we felt like we were hitting our head up against a brick wall. I found that placement of your 'stand/stall' was a key part as to whether or not you did well. You need to be in the main viewing area as people enter & leave the premises. Chances are that they will see something on their way in & if they don't get it then, they will get it on their way out. Please don't get to disheatened, take this experience & turn it into something positive the next one you do.
Best wishes for a wonderful & blessed Easter.

Ramona Owen

Good Spring Morning ~

Great post...I have had many a similar experience. But..."To Thy Own Self Be True"...

Just think...someday those "shoes" will be at a thrift shop and one of "us" will snatch them up and festoon them with paper and fabric and glitter and such and hang it from a spray painted tree branch...smiling all the while.

Smiles ~ Ramona


Wishing you a lovely Easter day - as beautiful as all your photographs, your blog, your creations, and your heart! Burlap Bunny Hugs to you- CeCe


Oh Alice I wish I'd been there to meet you and buy some of your lovely things! I didn't see your post until the next day and I was so bummed. You are making the case for me not doing a show anytime soon. I have avoided them thus far. I'm sorry it was not what you had planned but like most things there is usually a lesson :) I hope you have a lovely Easter day! Susan

Eileen @ Star's Fault

Oh Alice, so lovely for you to share your thoughts and worries about your show. If you "keep on keeping on", you will find what shows have the kind of customers who will feel that connection to what you love and they will flock to your booth every time. I think it's all part of the learning experience, almost like writing a post for our blogs. I love it when I write about something that really strikes a chord with those dear readers, and their support (like you noted) and kind comments often double those of other posts. I find myself thinking "what was it I said that meant something to them" and it makes me more reflective, and eventually more in tune with those kind souls that come visit me.

PS: I just bought something from your Etsy site too!

Keep on Keeping on!

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault


Hi Alice,
Sorry to hear things didn't go as expected
for you at the show. If I was there I would
have been at your table, admiring your
pretties! Your blog is one of my favorites.
You are a genuine person. Enjoy the spring
weather! I am in NY too. I am looking forward to the great weather we are having!

manvi @ mochatini

just found your lovely blog via simply hue. AMAZING work!! very inspiring. i will be giving you a big shout out on my blog


Been thinking of you guys :-) Congrats for your feature at Simply Hue! ~ Just read about it....wishing you more warm sunny days...[I know I have been enjoying it and finding it oh so difficult to stay inside and clean]...it's been much more like daydreaming weather ~ I acutally sat outside last night and enjoyed looking at the stars...pure bliss!

Counting Your Blessings

Well those ritzy ol gals obviously didn't know what a huge talent they had in their midst. =) If I could've been there, I would have loaded up, I'm sure, with all your amazing items.

It's true - there's no place like this blogging community. It's where so many of us are the most comfortable sharing our creative sides. I'm so glad that I get to be part of it with you.

Blessings... Polly


I would have gone crazy buying at your show. I really thought you'd sell tons. But I've been to shows where I've hardly sold any too, however don't give up on the shows, you just need to find the right ones. Your creations are beautiful! Take care, Martha

Mitzi Curi

Your pillows are so gorgeous, I would have had a difficult time passing them by.....I don't see why women are so gaga for shoes. Jewelry, I can understand.....

Abbey Stohs

Wow, Alice, I felt like you were speaking right from my own heart, for I had almost the exact same experience recently when I did one of my first shows at a "vendor event" in someones huge ritzy home. There were lots of ladies selling cheap-looking jewelry,and stinky candles and sales were a little on the slow side for my hand-knit washcloths and appliqued towels and other things like that. I noticed that the things I treasured the most were somewhat overlooked but my earrings were the things getting the most attention. So I feel for you, for your beautiful pillows. Somewhere are the people that appreciate beautiful handmade detail, and it would be just wonderful to get them all together to shop! Have you tried having private trunk shows? My friend is a jewelry designer and has been showing me the ropes, and I had a mini trunk show out of my own little cottage last weekend. She says when you are the only vendor, pretty much everyone who comes will likely buy, and then you recruit friends and people who love your wares to host trunk shows for you (a good excuse for them to have a party) and you offer them hostess benefits such as 10% of the amount you sell in merchandise credits. I imagine you'd do really well with that type of show. Good luck in all you do. I love your beautiful blog and have been checking in for quite a while now, and I think you have AMAZING and unique style and a knack for putting things together beautifully. And your photography rocks. I always enjoy your posts, and your general outlook on life. :) I also enjoyed seeing you featured in Artful Blogging! Peace to you and your lovely work,

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