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April 14, 2010


Victoria @ Whimsy by Victoria

What an artist! I love his pieces...enjoyed looking at his Etsy and now will know where to find unique one of a kind whimsy items. :) Great post Alice!



I've seen a few artist's steampunk and LOVE it! Joshua's work is gorgeous!


His work is amazing! You should be so proud of him but, I sure would watch my "STASH" if I were you. :) Off to view his Etsy. Charlene


So glad that you let everyone know about his Etsy shop. It is definitely a hidden gem on Etsy!
I am the lucky Owner of his beautiful "reclaimed relics" skeleton key necklace that you have shown :)
I cant rave enough about the two of you!!

Happy Wednesday~

Joanne Tuchman

I love that you are so proud of your Joshua's art. I think his steampunk is extraordinary and you are a part of that creative process by asking one crucial question. I am more like you...hanging onto my small treasures and looking at them as precious in their own right, but Joshua proves that sometimes a change in purpose is even more beautiful than the natural state.


Wonderful steampunk pieces! You will have to tag along with him to see where he finds his materials! :)


how gorgeous im extremely jealous :P

thought i'd inform you of a...


on bellefaintaisie.net

hand embroidered heart hairband inspired by the huge pastel and nude trend features vintage lace, pearls and buttons. Lovely for yourself or a gift. Good Luck

Katy xx


What beautiful things!! He's really talented - I have such a soft spot for anything religious and I love the medals with other vintage finds!!


Alice amor, what beautiful pieces he creates! I love old watch pieces too, but I love just seeing them in a lil box or bowl, that is as far as my talent goes...although...I have something he would probably love...I have an antique watchmakers desk with tons of tiny drawers :) I am currently filling it will all my treasures :) Hope your having a wonderful week! Besos, Rose


I found you first and your beautiful pictures, and then his amazing work. I can't say I like ones more than the others because I love everything you, both of you, have created.


Those are absolutely AWESOME
I can never figure out the "genius" behind some of these creative minds I see


I love my SIL's work!!! haha and I want that watchmaker's desk of your follower Rose, there! tee hee

Great pics again honey!!!

LOVE YOU BOTH and thanks for the invite for ICE CREAM!!!

MOM & (MIL) xxxooo<--hugs and kisses for all 3 of you!


Your blog is breath taking. I love your photos! Many blesdsing.

barbara jean

these are amazing!
beautiful work.

barbara jean

Kim Klassen

amazing, truly!!!

i'm in love with your blog. :) ♥


Joshua's work is amazing. And I'm glad you spoke about what Steampunk is - I had been curious!


Leah C

I had never heard of "steampunk" before...but I like it:) Your hubby's creations are stunning and amazing!


what a fun story! his work is just beautiful! i hope everything is going well with you, we are enjoying the sunshine :)

Counting Your Blessings

One of these days I'm going to get one of his rings. They are so, so cool! Way to rub off your genius on him (or was it the other way around? *smiles*)

Blessings... Polly

Andrea - Faded Plains

Josh has amazing talent...I love that he's giving new life to old things...now...I'm off to check out his etsy.

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

I have one of his rings and just LOVE it...I get so many questions about it when I wear it ;-) It is very special...made by a very creative man who loves a very creative woman!!


Oooohhhh I'm in love with those creations!!!! He's very talented!!!!
Have a nice weekend

Tee of Dragonfly Cottage

oh my! They are gorgeous! Really... I have loved steampunk for some time, but these are by far some of the better pieces I have seen!!!

And what an inspireing and beautiful blog you have. The colours and "feel" is just magical!!! :) I will be back!!!


that is great. lovely story. and pretty pieces.


Oh I love his pieces...sigh...I am in love. Thank you so so much for sharing. xoxox

lorraine lewis

his work is beautiful and I love how you encourage him- so sweet.

donna joy

beautiful work!

Andrea Villarreal

Hi Alice and Joshua~
I just ordered two rings off St. Joshua's site. I can't wait to get them. I even did a little research on this whole steampunk thing:) Not really into that all that much but I love watch faces!! I am so excited. These are so different and fun:) When I get them do you mind if I put them on my blog. I would give you full credit and link to you of course. Also may I use the pictures of the two I bought from the Etsy site? My blog is http://www.freckledstar.typepad.com/ It's nothing fancy but I have made a lot girlfriends big fans of Etsy!! Let me know.
Thanks, Andrea

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