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May 06, 2010



It all is so wonderful, your finds are amazing.
I am so glad I found your shop on etsy and that linked me here.
Good luck with the house!
Speaking of houses I totally need to tackle my garage or I might have cameras coming into put it on a hoarders show as well. LOL

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Ooh, can't wait to see the new goodies in your Etsy shop. That sideboard is beautiful and just right to mix with your other pieces, Alice!
Have a great weekend to you, Josh & Renoir.


Lilacs are among my favorites and trips to upstate NY always extend the lilac season for me. Will be traveling north again soon!
You have some lovely finds in your Etsy shop...isn't it fun to hunt them down?
Enjoy your spring flowers!


Oh the scent of lilacs....heavenly. Lucky you that you found your temp cottage that had lilac bushes! I am so envious :)

I have been admiring all of your new additions to your shop. You have quite the eye girlie!

And seriously....I can only imagine what your home looks like - and I am QUITE positive that there is no episode of Hoarders that it would compare to.

Leah C

Lilacs are a favorite of mine! I just took a bunch of photos of the few bushes we have in our yard...and the windows are open in the hopes the breeze will scent my home with "lilac perfume":)

Julie Marie

Hello Alice... I have missed you... and little Renoir! I love Lilacs so much... our Lilac bushes are blooming now and the scent is Heavenly... I love that they bloom just before and during my birthday, when I was a little girl my mama always told me they bloomed just for that reason! I also love your new vintage ring you got on Etsy, so pretty! I am off to look at your Etsy shop now... Happy househunting to you, and Happy Mother's Day on Sunday... xoxo Julie Marie Doggie Kisses Renoir!


Oh Alice..reading your blog posting brings me such peace with lovely vintage goodies and lovely music...thank you..take care enjoy your day..


i always look forward to your posts...such beautiful photos. the side table is simply wonderful:) thanks for sharing today...



Hey Alice ~

Love that vintage ring. Oooh you are so lucky to have found that gem. And those lilacs are to die for. I can smell them here! Can you take your garden with you when you move?

Ciao bella,

Kerryanne English

I can just imagine the scent of those lilacs Alice. Spring has finally sprung. We are just descending into Autumn and the cool night air is giving us a hint of what is to come.... WINTER!! I'd much rather be over on your side of the world right now.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Alice the smell of your lilacs is not the only intoxicating thing, as the pictures are just overwhelmingly lovely too. I could look at them until my own bloom. I love all your recent flea finds. Good luck on the house hunting my friend.


Every years i cant await to see (and smell) the lilac in bloom... since two years now i have my own little tree in the garden and this spring it will have the first two blossoms :) I am so happy about ...
lots of greetings, maren
(you have shown really beautiful pictures again!!!)


I love lilacs - unfortunately I've had to be away from my little lilac bush during its spring bloom for the last 3 years. Your photos are so lovely - and I love that beautiful new table.


Jenny Fowler

I need to be shopping where you do! :) Everything is beautiful. I do love that side table cabinet you found. It is lovely - I love the lilacs too!


I was just reading about lilacs and lavender in the new Victoria!
I LOVE your new side table... which you would probably guess I would love.
And I LOVE the statue pair! Dang it for me not shopping your store recently... otherwise I would have bought those immediately. So sad.. ;)
Thank you, as always, for another beautiful post.
Best of luck with the house shopping- enjoy it!


Beautiful treasures, I know what you mean when you have been on a treasure hunt and the sweet items are taking over your space.

I am sure you will find that perfect home to buy, your talent will lead you right to one.

Mitzi Curi

Beautiful pictures, Alice! I've always loved lilacs....they're so old-fashioned. That vintage ring was a great find! I would have snapped that up in a heartbeat!


Wow, you've been busy! I'll have to stop over and take a look. Lilacs are bloomimg around here too! I hope they stick around long enough for your Lilac Festival. Isn't that coming up soon?
Peace, Tami

Bine by Beldecor

Hi Alice,
wonderful lilac pictures and so great treasures... Good luck on the house hunting... I'm shure that you will find a great one. Enjoy your time.
Take care, Bine

medieval dress

wow.. busy but exciting days indeed! Good luck to your new home! I really wish you guys all the best!


I'm on my way over to etsy right now. I love your blog.


Your $3 print is just amazing!!! And you lilac shots are dreamy!

m ^..^


Aww Alice, those are gorgeous images and items. Can almost smell those lilacs! Good luck with your home/house hunting. There's nothing like that special feeling when you find THE place and know it deep inside when you see it.

Kathy Sullivan

I always love seeing your site, there are so many wonderful things to see and read!

colors of honey

what lovely finds! I will have to go check out your shop and see what is left. oh and I love lilacs. I picked some up a while back because I knew it was going to be a rough week and they definelty lifted my spirits!


Hi Alice,

I love the pictures and the beautiful and simple collection that you always manage to gether up and make look so elegant.


absolutely beautiful things. I love that little table to death.
and lilacs are one of my favorites ---I don't have any around here.
I wonder if I drive around and find a country neighbor with some in their yard and as if I can cut a bouquet.


oh dont worry, they will be featuring my home on "hoarders" way before yours! Love your finds.


Beautiful field trip, thank you for sharing. This is my first visit to your blog, so glad I stumbled upon it, a very lovely and inspiring place to visit.

Catherine Les vignettes


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