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May 21, 2010



Your photos always make me smile. xoxox

Debbie Demmers-Lujan

Alice, I always look forward to baseball season with my youngest....traveling to all the small towns, sitting in the bleachers, begging some sunflower seeds from my husband, talking to other parents and enjoying watching these new teenagers, 13 and 14 year olds, playing ball. debbie


Alice, Hope you are both okay and that that house will come VERY soon!

Our number one thing for the summer was our garden, came for two weeks and helped and helped:-) SO nice!

see you soon

Jojeana ~ Secret Garden Cottage

Hi Alice,
Good luck finding a new home. I know how stressful that can be.
My wish list for this summer is to make progress in my garden and, hopefully, to go on a small trip with my family (maybe to the aquarium in Monterey, CA).
Have a great weekend! ~ Jo


Summer plans you ask? I am hoping to take a trip to Martha's Vineyard for the Grand Illumination in August and signing up for tennis two nights a week. Maybe a few daytrips here and there.


Hi Alice,
My Summer plans include a lot of short trips in the camp trailer with Dale and Landon. I would like to go visit our children more. And of course the garden is always on the top of the list to. It gives me so much joy.
Have a wonderful Summer and be sure and squeeze all the joy out of it you can.

Tina Pfeiffer

Summer...school term, hope to travel a bit close to home, and I'm expanding my vintage business by renting a space in a local antique mall/shop. Gonna be busy!

Kerryanne English

Aahh Summer... I can only wish and dream as we slowly transend into our southern hemisphere winter. At least now I live in the north of the country where winter isn't quite as cold.

Summer hugs ~ Kerryanne

Joy Jones

Hi Alice......such a beautiful photo. I always sighhhhhh when I come to visit. Hope you find the house of your dreams soon. Have a beautiful weekend ~ xo Joy

María Cecilia

Hola Alice, I have visited your shop finding so many beautiful items you sell, really lovely ones. I would love if you can have a look at my blog and soon opening shop where you can find lovely old enamelware that you would love.
Greetings from Chile,
Maria Cecilia

Leah C

Just wishing fo a long, warm summer:) And we have some travel plans to see family. Happy House Hunting to you & your hubby!


I am dreaming of a country yard and garden FINALLY done. But I think it will be several years for that. We just moved in last summer to this country land of ours.
I want flowers
a finished deck
and sip iced tea off my porch swing looking at the mountains.

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Hi Alice,
I hope to spend lots of time with my daughter, husband and of course, all the pets here at home. Spending the summer taking in precious life and savoring each moment. Oh and I wish I could go look for a new home with you and Josh... promise I'd be quiet as a mouse.
xo~Tracie & Zeke (love to sweet Renoir)


Got my package of goodies today and made sure to give you props on my blog :)

Mitzi Curi

My summer wishes are to spend time with my parents, who live in Florida, and other relatives that always visit in the summer months. It's nice to spend time with people we love during the relaxing summer days. I hope you can find a special home to call your own, Alice. Sometimes I complain about the never-ending chores and projects a house requires, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


Alice, I read your blog regularly and I just noticed that your "Ornate Victorian Brush" is on the main page of Etsy right now. Congrats! You have a lot of beautiful antiques in your shop...I think I need to do some shopping!


I am so looking forward to the summer to just relax and reflect. I just want to sit out on a beautiful patio to just relax and gather myself.

Thanks Alice


hi Alice! the weather has been wonderful, hasn't it? we are just enjoying the kids and their activities. looking forward to school being over :) take care, susan


margaritas on patios, estate sales, simplifying my home, pre-marital classes!, loving people, becoming more like Christ... by His grace alone


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Hi Alice, I wish for lots of days filled with fun and relaxation with the kids...did look at the calendar though and it looks crazy already...I can dream right??? ;-)
Have a wonderful weekend ~ Rebecca

lorraine lewis

I hope to take life just a little slower and enjoy the small things- my daughter laughing, flowers blooming, basking in the sun...
i hope your days of summer are lovely- good luck finding a new home.

your image is so lovely.


it HAS been a busy summer so far for us too...unlike last year. no problem....we'll check in and enjoy your beautiful photos!! :)


Hello Alice,
I just came by to see the beauty over here and bask in the inpiration you pass onto us all :)

Come Visit my inspiring birds brunch!!


My first wish for this summer is good weather around the July16th!
Me and my friend married this April and in July we will celebrate a open air party - everything is styled in early middle ages. it is one of our hobbies ("Living history", Reenactment") and we are "Vikings", so we have the idea to invite our Viking-friends to help us to "perform" and all our guests (family and friends) have the challenge to dress in middle ages clothes...
at these days i am sewing the last clothes for us, everything is selfmade, even the tent where we sleep and the food will be cook in open fire and there is just food we have had in 10th century in europe. lot of work but we are happy to do!
lots of greetings and all the best for you!

Jordans 5

"No difference in the past, non-attachment the future, do not play on the now. Anju now, and happy to live the moment", which Buddhist Feeling deep sentence, which fell heart, the mind immediately let me have far-reaching everywhere cool.


Wow - this is an amazing shop. I would love to visit it one of these days. Seems like there are a lot of treasures in there!

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