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June 11, 2010



what a great place I love the aqua doors on the first pictures...

Julie Marie

Hello Alice, what a wonderful shop! I love everything, and from the looks of a couple of price tags, her prices look great as well! I have missed you, and Renoir of course! And hoped you are doing well... xoxo Julie Marie


Everything looks so lovely! I love the yellow chair. xoxox Happy weekend


I love Bristol, Spent many weekends going up to Canandaigua visiting friends at CCFL when we were in college and skiing at Bristol MT. I will deffinitely have to head back up there to visit 'Aged in the Hills' myself. Thank you for sharing such lovely place ;-)

colors of honey

Looks like you had a great time. I've never been too far from the city. mainly due to the lack of car. but I would love to travel more around NY State. I've got my eye on those trunks!

have a good weekend!

xx Kirby

Minda Hopkins

Thanks for sharing!!! You know I live right over the hill on Keuka Lake and didn't know she was there. I'm going this weekend ASAP!!! Hope you got to enjoy more of the area and possibly the wineries!!! Also a good time to visit before the busy season starts!!! Please come back to the area!!!

Jojeana ~ Secret Garden Cottage

What a great antiques shop! I saw quite a few things I would like to have...sadly I live in California (wrong coast!). I love the suitcase dog bowl holder...what a unique idea! Thanks for sharing your visit...it was a fun tour! ;-)
Have a great day! ~ Jo

Kerryanne English

What a fantastic looking antique shop Alice - I bet you and your mum had a lovely day together.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Beautiful shop. I wish I lived closer so I too could visit it and marvel at all of the goodies. :)

Thanks for the congrats on Gabe. From this post it sounds like you are really starting to get the itch. Your little one will someday have the sweetest nursery - they are so fun to decorate!

Jeni Carlson

What a lovely store. Thanks for sharing.

I could use those adorable dog dishes. Only I might need one with extra large bowls.

Jeni Carlson

p.s. you should go back for that charming yellow chair


Agreed- you should get the chair :)
Thanks for the beautiful tour!
Off to go do some treasure hunting...


What a lovely escape I just had visiting New York, within the blink of an eye. Thank you for sharing and giving me a peaceful distraction. Every time I click the button to go to your blog I know the visit will be delightful. Thank you , Alice


Great shop. Bristol, NY? Hmm I wonder how far it is from Boston, maybe a day trip is in order.

Love the suitcase dog bowl.


I bet you all had a ball there. She's got a lot of neat treasures. I got excited about everything just looking at the pictures.


What a wonderful visit! Thanks for sharing. I sure miss going antiquing...not much here in my area. :(


Thank you honey, I'm sending Cheryl the link here, she will be very pleased, i'm sure! I love that woman, she's a great friend and we have always had a lot of fun with our antiques.

Be sure to let all your friends know that they can visit her website or call her shop if they see something they want to purchase....don't worry Cheryl, I'll help you pack them!! haha

Pics are gorgeous but even they don't do that shop justice, you really must visit!!



Here is Chery's website, you can also see a full pic of the front of the building on it, I love the cobblestone!!


Happy shopping!


what a lovely shop! that might have to be a little daytrip for us this summer! thank you for sharing it with us. have a wonderful day, susan

Cheryl A. Squirrell

I'm the proprietor of the shop and Alice and Mom Janine recently came for a visit. Janine has been a long time antique lover and Alice has a wonderful artistic gift. Her work is incredible as she "see's" and shares her gift thru her 'looking glass' camera! Alice sees beauty in everyday surroundings and shows what is possible if you don't have the gift of vision! Both Janine and Alice enjoyed visiting and we shared suggestions and giggles as we roamed the rooms of the 1833 cobblestone! With Alice's 'looking glass' help - you can roam as well and hopefully you'll enjoy the tour or plan to visit. Love and Hugs Janine & Alice
Cheryl Squirrell

Maija Lepore

Such a lovely place!!!!

Ray Sheley III

Alice, I was blown away with your pictures of my mom's shop. You truly have an artistic eye and a natural talent for photography! The way you picked up the true essence of the shop from just a few items in the store was breathtaking. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!

Ray Sheley III


Thank you ALice for this lovely tour. What a great shop. I so love places like this. You captured some wonderful shots here. I always love seeing life through your lens!!!
I imagine that you and your mom had a blast out hunting and gathering together.

Dale Kowalski

Wow - I really enjoyed taking the "photo tour" of the shop. Now, I'll have to ride out to take a look in person. Beautiful!

Leah C

Looks like heaven to me:) Especially love those aqua doors...and the suitcases {sigh}!

Sheila R

Thanks for taking us on an antique adventure!


What a wonderful shop! I saw many things I would love to have! And oh my goodness, all those vintage baby things, so sweet! I am all about baby right now, too....we are getting a precious little bundle in January!!!!!! Our daughter is expecting our very first grandbaby and we are SOOOOOOOO thrilled!!!!! Every morning while drinking my coffee, I'm searching the net for pretty and elegant baby things to go in the nursery! We have already decided on and ordered the nursery bedding! Wow, it's going to be a looooong 7 months to wait for our little bundle to arrive, haha! You and Josh should go ahead and take the leap, it's sooooooo much fun, I promise!!!
Love and (((hugs)))


Beautiful stuff for sure. I would loose my mind in that store. I get a little overwhelmed as I end up wanting to buy so much and have a hard time choosing what I would MOST make use of.
I just spent 70$ on antique dishes (a various array) at a little antique store last weekend.)

Christina J.

Hi, just found your Etsy shop and blog this morning. That antique shop looks amazing! Your photos are beautiful.


What a wonderful adventure! I love the store - your friend must be a darling! Great photos Alice!

lorraine lewis

what a lovely day you must have had- you photographs are so fun. Enjoy these lovely summer days.

Mitzi Curi

I love shop owners who encourage photos. Why not? It's great publicity for their shop. I love your pics of the little dolls and baby toys, they're such cute little characters!

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Just dropping by to say hi to an old friend.

Isabelle - Suzy's Vintage Attic

What a wonderful place! I'd love to shop there if only I lived closer... I love the old luggage. That front door is so beautiful...
Have a lovely weekend
Isabelle x


I am just IN LOVE with that blue door!!!!! WOW!

m ^..^

kim klassen

oh my word, thank you for this tour.... sooo much loveliness in one place. be still my heart.

xxo, kim
p.s. soo enjoyed your article in somerset life... wonderful

Rebecca Ersfeld

Hi Alice
What a fun shop, looks like you enjoyed yourself. And always fun to do something with your mom. Hope you are well and enjoying the summer.
Many Blessings


what a FUN place!!! thank you for sharing it with us....woohoo.

tea time and roses

Beautiful treasures!! Thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy a most lovely week.




What a beautiful blog and terrific vintage finds!

Gwyneth Munroe

Hi Alice!
I absolutely fell in love with your gorgeous photostream on Flickr. I'd love to get your permission to blog some of your photos posted on Flickr. I would be delighted to link any posts to whatever site you specify. I've got 2 blogs: www.gwynsgarden.blogspot.com
You can also reach me at my email:
Thank you for sharing your beautiful vision with all of us! Gwyn


hey! just stopping over from Sweet tara's... love all your photos and I see you have a fw owls in your etsy shop! My little LOVES owls!

Torie Jayne

What a wonderful shop! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics! Have a sweet day!

Suz Reaney

These pictures are so beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed the visit.


Juniper Hill Antiques

What a wonderful trip, what an adorable shop! Looks like you had a fun time, I will have to look the shop up when we are in the area. Thanks for sharing!


OMG! That squeaky rubber bear with the yellow jacket! I had that when I was a baby. :-)


On croirait que la porte s'ouvre sur la caverne d'Ali baba !
Que de trésors charmants ...Merci de nous faire autant rèver !

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