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August 09, 2010


Babi Sugarman

Congratulations!!! YOur pics and work are amazing...looking forward to seeing your published work!

Jerri Howenstine Milbank

I haven't written before..but have been following your post through a link from "blondie n sc"...I LOVE the Pull Toy Canister set!! do you still have it and is it for sale??? thanks!


I always enjoy all of your pictures and creations :) You need to bring your lovelies to a show over here - they would get gobbled up!!

I noticed the Romantic Homes feat too! Congrats sweetie!! You deserve all the exposure - you are amazingly talented :)
And Joshua too - you cant believe how many compliments I get on my relics necklace....Im itchin' for another one :D

BTW - are any of the items in your photos available for purchase? I especially love the Halloween items and your mothers wreaths - too cute!


Oh Alice... you are such an inspiration in how you follow your passion and creativity!!
congrats on the Romantic homes article.

Cant wait to see your new romantic home, how is it going with that?

Thanks for your comment...
Oh and Mendon/pittsford is exactely where we looked aroun, all we saw was deer, no sunflower field:-( let me know if you do

Julie Marie

Hello Alice, and congratulations for being featured again in Romantic Homes... sorry your sale wasn't all you had hoped for... everything looks wonderful, and I would have spent a small fortune at your booth! Love to you, Josh and Renoir... xoxo Julie Marie


brag away girl, your stuff is gorgeous.
Congrats on all of your success and I dream of being in just one magazine someday. You are on a roll this summer!
The sale looks amazing, I am sure your stuff flies off the table.
Take care

Leah C

Sorry about the show...but congratulations on the magazine feature!! I'll be sure to pick up my copy soon:)


CONGRATS ! well deserved press......I love your style.!

Sheila R

Congrats on your spot in Romantic Homes. You are so talented and such a wonderful spirit. Hugs to you!

Natasha Burns

congrats on the spot in Romantic Homes, Alice! your work, your blog, and YOU are just beautiful!

I hear you re shows. (we call them markets here). I can't work out why your goodies would't have been snapped up in a heartbeat, that sucks.

This year I'm testing the waters at a few markets here, and I've signed up to four more markets until the end of the year. They are so expensive and time consuming, I don't think people realise how much outlay or time and preparation is involved. I am hoping that the Christmas lead-up markets will be busier and more successful!

These articles are fantastic; the information and facts you show us is interesting for everybody and is genuinely good written. It’s just fantastic!!

My Petite Maison

Congrats, Alice! Love the photos of the show too.


Having done many many shows,best to wait until closer to the holidays....Oct-nov,not to close to Christmas everyone is in the mall.
Congrats on romantic home what took them so long!

Becky Ransom

Alice, Congratulations on all your articles this year! I just love to drop by and see whats new in your corner of the world.
I have done markets for 20 years and I think it is almost impossible to have a good show during summer months. (actually any time you can sweat!) Fall is best for any sale! Your things looked great!
I always like to have some movement in my booth to catch your eye, like some battery candles to flicker and I build my booth display as high as I can get it without falling! This creates a backdrop as you go. I think some of your handmade pinwheels would look fantastic!!
Hope this helps, Becky Ransom


I am interested in your rooster plaque and knowing if some of the dishes in front were enamel? I have also done many a show that was disappointing but having my hubby there made it better.
Congratulations on the many magazine features. You are truly inspiring.


I didn't even finish your post once I spotted the yo yo doll. Please, oh please, tell me it is still available. I spotted once year ago and didn't buy it. I'd love to make up for that mistake.


Congratulations on your Romantic Homes feature. I read it today and really like your blog. I even did a shout-out on mine! Great photography. You're very creative!



congrats on your recent press! i'm not suprised you are so talented!! hope you are enjoying the summer, thank you for checking in so happy to see your comment!! susan

Natasha Burns

Hi again Alice,
Just letting you know, I linked to this post on my current post about my time at the market I was at last weekend. I hope that is ok?

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