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September 30, 2010


Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top

Happy Anniversary! :) What an amazing shop. I loved all of the photos you posted. I was thinking before you said it, that it's too bad houses aren't built this way anymore.


Pretty sure you found heaven on earth!

My Shabby Roses

Happy Anniversary Alice! Enjoy the day.
What a fun post, I loved looking at all the wonderful pieces. I love to find pieces like that at estate sales. You know, before they make it to the store and the prices jump way up. (o: Glad you found the grate you wanted. I'm sure it looks wonderful in your home.

deborah k

yay! i've been following you on google reader for months never realizing you were local!

i LOVE rehouse! heaven on earth is right!

we spent our 27th anniversary there. hours and hours and hours of wandering from room to room, touching beautiful old things & dreaming of the generations of hands that had touched them before. i totally love the pink stove. they had a row of pastel toilets lined up and i SO wished i had shot it. it was too flippin cute! spent waaay too much time going through the stacks of old photos but my husband eventually found soem hardware to keep him enthralled. we loved the old doors - aisles and aisles of comings & goings. came home with an old screen door painted a deep chocolatey brown that i was going to put in the garden to hold up a golden clematis but put up at the top of the stairs against a wall instead. i'll have to go back next anniversary for another door. (we live due east in williamson so we don't get to the city very often)

happy anni! *:)


Happy Anniversary Alice and Joshua!! :) Enjoy your special day tomorrow XOX
We will be celebrating our 3rd on the 6th. We too, cant believe how the years are flying by....
What an Ah-mazing store - serious drool on my laptop. How I would LOVE to have a store like that around us! I dont think my hubby could ever get me out of there though :) Arent we so fortunate to have found men that appreciate vintage and old things? (which means they will love us even more as we age and become "vintage - hehe ;)



gosh I wish I were closer and could go shop there! amazing!
Happy, Happy Anniversary! Enjoy.


Happy Anniversary sweet one!!!

Oh how I love the tour...I sooooo want that pink oven! What fun would that be.....this place is filled with treasure!

Happy fall hugs to you.

Sheila R

Congrats and best wishes on your 4th anniversary! Thanks for taking us on your tour with your beautiful pictures!!!


I've died and gone to heaven! This is such a beautiful place, I could spend hours just looking around, drooling over everything. Thanks SO much for sharing!

Hope you have a fabulous day and Happy Anniversary!!


Fabulously French

Love this shop, wish that we had something similar close to us.

Happy anniversary,

Leeann x

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Thanks so much for taking us on a tour of this most fabulous place filled with so many wonderful treasures. Loved those fireplace mantels! p.s. hope you enjoy celebrating your Anniversary in your new home, Alice


Happy Anniversary. And that shop is quite the find.
I'm sure that you and Joshua (and your wallets) will be visiting there often.
Looking forward to many more photos of your new home!

Dawn Edmonson

Hi sweet Alice!!!! Happy Anniversary to you both!!!!!! And this place? HEAVEN!!! I love it ALL!!! Thank you so much for all of the yummy photos...now I've got to go back and study them again :) hugs and love, Dawn

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Happy Anniversary!
What a great salvage shop!
Will be in Rochester in just a few weeks....to visit my nephew at University of Rochester...
maybe ....just maybe!

Your fave cousin of all time

Why have I never been to ReHouse? Doug has pointed it out a couple of times and we have never stopped in for a peek.

I can't believe it has been four years for you and Josh. Happy anniversary! That was a fun day!

My mom and dad told me they stopped by the new house. You know my mother isn't terribly expressive, but I think she liked it a lot! I wonder if it reminded her of our first house on North Street. I don't think you probably have any memory of it, but it was quite old, with the plaster falling out of the walls and its old, dirt floor basement. Lee and I used to sit on the iron floor grates to keep warm while we watched t.v.

Oh, and thoughts on the color of the front door...I think I would choose a darker grey from the palate that you are painting the exterior of the house with. Might seem too "keeping it safe", but it won't fight with your landscaping and if you are going to do window boxes, you won't be limited in floral color choices. Just my humble opinion!

Can't wait to see the house!


oh wow--I might have to take a trip to Rochester just to go to that store. It looks fabulous! And happy anniversary!


The Happiest of Anniversaries ever to the two of you!!!
Thanks for sharing such treasures....what an amazing place ~ my favorite kinds of finds. Thinking that the large piece in your second photo would make a fabulous canopy over a bed .... just a thought. ;-)
Sending wishes of Love, Joy, and Happiness always ~ Rebecca

Leah C

I could get lost in that store, too! So many, many beautiful salvaged treasures:) Hava a Happy, Happy Anniversary with your love! P.S. Love the new look to your blog:)


I love the arch windows. I have similar stove....very very old-fashion. The quality back than is soooo much better than nowadays. It is a shame we don't have these kind of stores around me.

Haapy anniversaries to both of you and many more!!


Oh my gosh, how far is Rochester from the Hudson Valley???? I would go crazy in that place! Thanks for all the wonderful photos, Alice. And Happy Anniversary! We are celebrating our 12th anniversary on October 12th.



Happy Anniversary. You have a beautiful heart. Your blog is such an inspiration. Thank you for all the time you put into it. I listed your blog on my blog as inspiration!


Godness! What a wonderful place!! This is a place were I could faint by all the beauty. Some things you showed is not availiable here, and some things they give away as scrap. I loved all of it. Thanks for sharing. We have stores like these in Sweden as well. Have a wonderful weekend /Therese


I noticed the new look of your blog. I like it very much!
I agree with you, about the details of older homes.
Thanks for posting the great pictures. It was really nice to see.
The grate you picked out, will look perfect in your new home.
Happy Anniversay to you and Josh and many more!


Happy Anniversary and blessings for many more... Loved the tour. OH my GOSH... I would soooo be in heaven. :-)



Wow Alice... what an amazing shop!!! Thanks so much for sharing all of these fabulous pictures with us! The vent you bought looks amazing... can't wait to see pics of it in your home.
Happy anniversary to you and your hubby! I imagine it was the best one yet now that you're in your new home. :)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
~ Jo :)


What a great store! I would have spent my whole paycheck there. I too am looking for a vintage mantel for my home. There's a cool salvage store in Maine that I go to, Old House Parts. Wish I lived near Rochester.

Congratulations on your anniversary. It sure sounds like you found your soulmate. I enoyed reading your loving words to your husband, it was so sweet.


FAB to the bone photos!!!

alice, we used to adore going to an architectural salvage place in atlanta! you can get smitten with so many goodies and the prices are usually reasonable considering the history and craftsmanship!

Julie Marie

Hello Alice... I don't know how I missed this post!I don't believe it ever came through my dashboard... but I LOVE the salvage shop, and want every single thing in it! The register grate you got is fabulous! You know, I have lived in homes with those many times, before they were considered "treasures"... then, they were just the way things were and I always loved them... A BIG Happy Anniversary to you and Josh... your romantic dinner sounds beautiful and what a lovely table you set... I am so happy for you in your wonderful new home... much love to you, Josh and Renoir... xoxo Julie Marie


Wow Alice,

I got excited just looking at the pictures all of that stuff. I know you were like a kid in a candy store. I know I would have been. I really wish I could find a really good salvage place like that here in Dallas. If there is one I don't know where it's at.


OMStars Alice....I am just beyond speechless while looking at all your beautiful pictures from your exciting visit to ReHouse Architectural Salvage....How I wish we had something this wonderful in So Cal...The few places that I have found are so beyond my budget that I walked in with a heart full of excitement & ideas and walking out looking sad and pitifully heartbroken...(my amors words :) I have been fortunate to find some great things at our local swapmeets that have old & "junk" sections and some wonderful freebies through our local Craigslist...I can't wait to see all the beauty that you create & decorate in your "new" bella home :) Besos, Rose


that salvage place might be worth a ride for me! we have one here but it's not in a very good neighborhood so i never go. happy anniversary! i loved your Fall table so sweet and your dinner sounded wonderful! take care, susan


I love architectural salvage! It is more fun than a barrel of monkeys, don't you think? Happy Belated Anniversary to you and St. Joshua!


ah, it seems like a you posted "Alice in Wonderland" :)
You would fall in love with all the little stores we have here in Europe, especially Denamrk and France. I always travel with an emty case and it is alway heavy filled, when i go back home ;)

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