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September 27, 2010


Tracie~My Petite Maison

That is one of my favorite kinds of pies, hands down. Your pie looks delicious and I couldn't agree more with mistakes turning out just fine. I love my crust dark anyway and the pecans toasted up sounds wonderful too.

That Renoir is so lucky, beautiful toys from Julie Marie, she sure is a sweet lady thru and thru!


Oh yum! Cream cheese with ANYTHING is delicious :) Im definitely gonna have to try that recipe. Oh and how fun to break-in the new kitchen and bake! I am sure that your whole home smelled of toasted nuts....divine!
Cant wait to see your architectural salvage post.....that is RIGHT up my alley :D


i love when the house smells wonderful from what's cooking in the kitchen! the pie looks delicious!! i may have to try that one. the little guy and i made homemade chocolate chip cookies this weekend, must be Fall! so happy you are enjoying your new home! susan


You have me drooling ~ that pie looks and sounds delicious! How sweet of Julie to send lucky Renoir a gift ..... Happy Days! Wishes for a wonderful week ~ Rebecca

Sarah Jane

Great post Alice!
Your pie looks delicious, mistakes & all!
I must admit, I am one of those sorry folk who doesn't enjoy cooking....mainly because I fear the fact it may not work out & look just like what the picture shows. But you have given me a little hope that sometimes, mistakes can be good!
Have a great week!
S. x

Kerryanne English

That pie looks so yummy Alice and I can just imagine the delicious aromas wafting through you home.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Leah C

I bet a lot of yummy creations came from "mistakes in the kitchen"...your looks yummy! I personally am not a pecan pie lover, but I think my Dad would be drooling over it;) And, as always, Renoir is just a lil' cutie...tell him Murphy says "bow-wow"!

Leah C

Um...left out the word "pie" in my previous comment! Yeesh;)


Looks and sounds delish, wish I could have been there to have a taste, I think I could smell it cooking (;

Julie Marie

Hello Alice... your pie looks sooo yummy! I love to bake but I have never made a pecan pie! I am so happy you are loving your new home, and how fun to bake for Autumn in your new kitchen... little Renoir looks so cute in those photos! I'm glad he liked his little "housewarming" gifts... I love you Renoir!... I can't wait to see your next post about the salvage place!... xoxo Julie Marie

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top

Yum! I always thought I didn't like pecan pie until last year I finally tried it. It's delish. My mom always makes it though. I never have. I don't think she uses cream cheese though. I will have to ask her. I'm glad that your pie turned out even if you made a mistake. :)

Brenda Kula

That close-up photo of Renoir is precious! I love to see a dog having fun. The pecan pie looks delicious. You're braver than I am!

Laura @ 52 FLEA

That pecan pie looks delicious! I feel the same way about baking this time of year. I'm loving following along as you make your new house your own....:)


Your pie looks delicious even though it didn't go as smoothly as you had planned. I wish that I liked baking. My sister is the baker in our family...I'm more of a taste tester :)


mmm that does look good. I am the type that makes HUGE mistakes while cooking as well, so it feels good to know I'm not the only one! Glad you're enjoying your new kitchen... I am too! Love the new space to work in... it's actually inspiring me to cook more variety


I love pecan pie. I am not much of a pie maker but I am going to have to try this.

Anne Marie

Hi Alice! oh my goodness has it ever been a long time since I've been here!

your profile picture is stunning btw...and your pup is super cute!! and the blog is fantastic - I'm your newest follower!
p.s. i love pecan pie


okay alice, i licked my screen, but could NOT taste your fab pie!!! ha!

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

OMG...my all time fav pie :-) is pecan pie. Have you ever had chocolate pecan pie??? To die for!! I will give this recipe a try once the weather cools down here in So. Calif....and I can turn on the oven. Good to know your oven works...did you have to purchase new appliances for the house? Would love to see more pics of your renovations to date. Hugs, CJ

Lisa Bivona

Just wonderful, as always! Do believe I'll make this pecan pie this weekend.



I love my pie a smidge overdone.. I think the crust is better that way... It looks yummy.

Warm blessings,


You know we all ask about and love Renoir. He is just toooooo cute and just really does pose and let you take pictures of him. I know he's found a lot of new favorite spots to be in his new home. I remember when you had the pictures of him laying by the window looking out. Your baby is just toooo cute.



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