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September 14, 2010



Oh my goodness, that will be a lot of work but it is beautiful with potential. I think you will make it wonderful.
My two cents for the front door- leave the chippy green for a while. Get a glass storm door so the vintage look of the door will show through better. It's a great door though. Maybe down the road strip the paint off and stain it. (Make your husband do it!)


You truly have a big job ahead of you. I remember so well what it was like to have to redo the "WHOLE" house. I have been there and done that in a not so distant past. You're so lucky, though, to find such a wonderful old home with the beautiful "bones" that this one has. All of your plans sound so fabulous!! You are SO talented... I know it's going to be GEORGEOUS after you wave your magic wand! ;-)
I am very much looking forward to following this journey of yours, and wish you all the luck with your renovation projects!!
And of course we understand that you need to take a break from you Etsy shop to do your nesting. :)
Have a great day,
~ Jo


OMG I am so excited for you and I don't think you are crazy at all, I totally see your cottages potential!! I can't wait to see all the changes, its going to be adorable (;


What charm and character ~ It looks wonderful and I can see every inch of your new home just as you describe it .... It will be beautiful!!!
Wishing Josh a very Happy Birthday and you both a lovely journey. :-) ~ Rebecca

Julie Marie

Oooh Alice, I think it is just Heavenly! I can't wait to see all of the things you and Josh do to make it truly your own... of course I absolutely LOVE the old clawfoot tub! Each and every room looks so inviting, and the little sitting area at the top of the stairs would be one of my very favorite spots to sit and read or daydream... your yard is wonderful, and you will have so much fun growing your own vegetables, herbs and flowers, and Renoir will love running all over! (Renoir, I will mail your package the end of the week to your new address!)... Happy Birthday to Josh today! How exciting to have your very own first home on his birthday! Hope you both, I mean all three (Renoir) have a most wonderful day... love to you, and I am sooo happy for you!... xoxo Julie Marie


What a heavenly place! I adore this cute house! Oh Alice, this house is just made for you and your guys! How I would like to come and walk with you through this gorgeous rooms! Ah, really I'm speechless and in love with this grey hous... just what I like! You happy little girl!
Hugs & Kisses, Mira!

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Alice, your new home will be adorable. Luckily you and your birthday boy are young and full of energy, motivation and lots of ideas. With your sense of style and his know how I am sure that we will be seeing a beautiful romantic home in no time! Have fun with it!

Alice W.

Thanks so much Laura!!!

Alice W.

Thanks so much Mira! Your words mean the world to me ;)

Alice W.

Thanks Julie! Wish you could come out and visit in person...Renoir would LOVE meeting/kissing your face ;) Thanks for the b-day wishes for Josh too! Will pass them along...


So thrilled for you, Alice. I, for one, say bring on the decorating, fixing-up, renovating posts. I can't wait to see this journey.



I agree, Alice this house is perfect for you!!!! I can just imagine how beautiful it will look after you are done redecorating and putting your touches on it!!
HB to your hubby and good luck with the move!
Margaret B


That house has such a great potential! A lot of work ahead of you, but I'm sure it will be marvellous once done! As for the door, I think white is always a good idea, but I would also consider painting it grey. Or something that matches one of the colors you're going to use inside.
I'm so thrilled for you!Oh soooo much fun!;))
Hugs to you and Renoir, and happy birthday to your DH!

Alice W.

Thanks Monica! Josh suggested gray too so that is a strong possibility. I think once I get things painted inside it will help me to decide. Thanks again for your sweet comment! ;)

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Alice, I think your home is the sweetest thing!!!! I am sure it will be a stunning home once your magic fingers get busy...!!! Can't wait to see the transformation!! And that garden.... How wonderful!!!!!

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top

Alice, I don't think you guys are crazy at all. Your new house is so cute! The kitchen will be great with all the cabinet space. I can't wait to see what you do. I've removed wallpaper before (lots of it)and I found the best way is to use a steamer. It takes awhile but it comes off the cleanest that way. And the carpet staples...what a pain! I've done that too. You are going to love it when you're done. :)


just found the only one that I would say is: Oh God! It 's all fabulous, beautiful photos are captured by the thousand and many things we have in common. Here in Italy it's almost 2 am and I must run away to sleep, but I would talk about you and your wonderful pictures I've seen in my blog. I hope you do please!
You are amazing to me is an honor to meet you!

See you soon, good night!


OH...the fun you will have-she has great bones to work with...enjoy the project!

My Shabby Roses

It's not hard to visualize all the wonderful things you will be doing in your new home. As I'm reading what you will be doing I'm seeing the outcome of it in my mind! It's going to be beautiful!Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos. I can't wait to see more.

Tracie~My Petite Maison

It is perfect! I can see very lovely things happening for this home and it receiving all the love it so deserves. You've chosen a beautiful place to call home, Alice & Josh. Thanks for the tour, brought a couple tears to my eyes tonight... very, very happy for you.

Happy Birthday, Josh!

Alice W.

Thank you so much my dear Tracie ;) coming from you that means the world to us! maybe one day you can come out and visit...I can dream right???


Hello, I just found your blog and have to tell you that it is so cute. I love your little house and I don't think you're crazy for buying it at all...it has a lot of charm! I can't wait to see it once you have made it all cozy and homey :)


So much potential for cottage charm and you are just the person to create it in this darling project. I absolutely adore seeing old homes brought back to life --- not by being made "NEW" but by honoring the beauty in the original bones. It will be so rewarding for you and so fun for us to see the progress. By the way, check at an Ikea store for you apron front sink for the kitchen. Best price I have found for one --


So many new homes for Bloggie Girlies... I can't wait to see what you do with this adorable little house.

Warm blessings,


I have been following your blog for some time now. I have also had the experience of remodeling an entire house as well right down to the planks! You are going to have a lot of fun. As far as the kitchen sink. I have found the cheapest apron farm sink at ikea. If you look under canada stores you will find 2 sinks. One is a double basin and the other is a single. They are the most reasonable. Also "Old Painted Cottage" blog has the double sink in her kitchen. Take a peak, you may like it. Best of luck and enjoy the time.

Leah C

Sure, it may not be "pretty" yet, but I just know that you & your hubby will work your magic and make it beautiful! A lot of work ahead of you, but I envy you...because it's so much fun turning a house into "your home":) Wishing you love, happiness and days filled with beautiful moments there!
P.S. And happy birthday to Joshua:)


I absolutely adore your new home! I can picture the changes you describe. It will be a perfect spot once you are done. As for the door, I myself am a fan of highlighting the door. Maybe a darker charcoal or black? Or something completely unexpected and cheerful like a buttery yellow.


I just posted a picture of my Ikea farmhouse sink for White Wednesday. Thought you might want to see it. Keep your house pictures coming. It is so much fun to see other special homes!

Megan Chamberlain

Your new home is lovely and you are going to make it look amazing. I love old houses, they have so much character. I know you don't do bright colours but what about a red front door, it would look lovely with the grey and white or otherwise a less extreme choice would be a shade of blue that is enough of a contrast against the grey.

Kirra Sue

Wow, I am SO excited to keep up with you guys as you take on this new adventure! I LOVED your old place, and just think you do such an amazing job at decorating. One talented lady, for SURE. The house is dreamy. Even underneath all it's flaws, it's beautiful. I especially am excited to see the upstairs bathroom. That tub? Kill me. I love it. So fun!! Happy Birthday to your hubby!!

Kerryanne English

What an amazing journey Alice for you, Josh and Renoir to embark on. I know that you will weave your magic and transform this beautiful old house into the most romantic vintage home. I will relish watching the transformation.
I wish you all the best for moving day and sending birthday wishes for Josh.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Thanks for the tour. I love the idea of a baby filling up that bedroom someday! I also think the Mary statue is so beautiful and definitely a gift from God! You have a long road of "fixing up" but what a beautiful journey it will be with your loved one! A Happy Birthday to him!

Cris Ralston

Oh the possibilities...and such a wonderful house. What fun you will have making it yours. I look forward to seeing the stunningly beautiful finished cottage :-)


I am so excited for you and I don't even know you! What a fun house to remodel and redecorate. This is my first time to visit you and I will definitely follow your journey. Congratulations and Blessings in your new home.


I've followed your blog forever, but have yet to comment. Finally this day has arrived for you and Joshua. So looking forward with great anticipation as you turn this grand house into your home. Do let us know what grays you find that work here in the Northeast. The willow is just perfect



This is the perfect home for you and your guys! It has good bones, and such charm, I know you will make it beautiful. Much happiness to you and your hubby on your new journey. Happy Birthday to Josh, mine is on the 17th!



What a treasure you and your hubby have found!!! Enjoy every moment! The good, the bad and the ugly lol.
Believe it or not, but this adventure will mold you both into who you are meant to become, have fun, look into each others often and smile, your journey is just beginning :)


Hi Alice!

How exciting!
We just purchased our own darling little farmhouse, so I know the excitement you're feeling.

I look forward to following the evolution of your beautiful home!

Anne - Fiona and Twig


Congratulations on your new house...I can't wait to see the transformation!


Good Luck with the move! It is a LOT of work to move & fix up a house but, so worth it when it's all said & done. Can't wait to see what all you have up your sleeve to change. Charlene


what an adorable house! the door definitely should be black. have fun!

Mrs Sutton

WOW - How exciting! The house has SO much potential and I can see that you will make it absolutely beautiful - the back garden is particularly gorgeous! Thanks so much for letting us in - I've just discovered your blog and I will most certainly be back to see your progress. I moved into my 'new' home in January of this year in the English countryside, and so far I've only created 'mood boards' and rearranged furniture - you'll probably inspire me to get a move on! Happy Movingxx

Annie from NJ

Very beautiful house indeed. It takes time to renovate and one can't rush it. When my husband remove the wallpaper it took him a long long time and he say the best is to use the fabric softerner.


can't wait to watch the progress! YELLOW for your front door.........that is my vote!

Dollys Cherry Heart

I am so excited for you both! I love restoring old homes.
Yours has so much character... you will have fun!
The sweat and tears are so worth it!

I also think a red door would say "welcome..come on in"
Also my first thought was copper on the porch roof.....

Can't wait for more pictures!
Best wishes,

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