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February 08, 2011


Leah C

Oh happy day, Alice! You and Joshua must be "over the moon"...congratulations to you both!! I'm so thrilled to "tag along" on your journey to motherhood:) And I can tell by the photos that Baby W is going to have one Bee-u-tiful nursery;) Especially loving that teddy bear & letters l-o-v-e!


Congratulations Alice and Joshua. Your baby is blessed to be so loved already. I hope you feel better soon. I love the antique baby girl shoes.


congratulations!!!!! & beautiful images too


Congratulations on your pregnancy and it a short time being able to hold an angel from our loving Heavenly Father. I have two children and even though they are teenagers, not a day goes by that I do not look at them and realize how blessed I am. I will pray for you that the rest of your pregnancy is calm and that your energy is restored. Many blessings sent to you, your sweetheart,and Baby W :)

A. Jarrett

My sincere congratulations! So happy for you ~

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Congratulations, Alice and Joshua, what absolutely marvelous news!!!!! Can't wait to "tag along" on this journey to parenthood bliss!!!


Oh Alice, I am just thrilled for you....a baby to love!
Margaret B


So excited for you and Josh and have been thinking of you since hearing the news. What a wonderful blessing and joyous time.
In love with your beautiful pictures...and I too collected vintage baby treasures early on...I even purchased a white wicker bassinet with wicker canopy before we were even married!


What wonderful news Aiice, congratulations to you both! Now you have teh fun of decorating a baby's room in your new home - it will fun to see what you come up with.
I hope you are feeling better soon - I remember those days well, and in my case, the pre-natal vitamins made me even sicker - ugh! Thankfully you can lay down and rest whenever you need to!

Julie Marie

Oooh Alice, I am so excited and happy for you and Josh!... You will make such wonderful parents... I can't wait for Baby W to arrive!... what does Renoir have to say about all of this?... I know he will love and protect little Baby W!... your nursery sounds adorable!... love your Beatrix Potter collection... thanks for sharing your wonderful news!... xoxo Julie Marie


I am so happy for you two Alice! This new adventure will be one of joy. You both will make wonderful parents.
I love everything you have done in your preparation for baby W. It all looks so beautiful...but I didn't expect anything less from you. You truly are the most talented girl I know!
So, so happy for you...


Soooo very beautiful Alice !!
I am so excited for you and Joshua !!



Oh Alice, this is very exciting news! I am thrilled for you!!!! Congratulations!!!
Love LOVE your little trinkets, and you have quite the eye for display. Fabulous!

Kerryanne English

Congratulations to both of you - what wonderous news!!!
I'm so very excited for you and will follow this journey with great pleasure.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

sandra blanks

Congratulations, Alice!! What an exciting time for you and Joshua. There's no joy any greater than being a parent, babies are definitely gifts from God. And I know your precious little one will be blessed, because she (or he) will have such loving parents. All your baby collections are just beautiful!

Sheila R

So very excited for you both as you embark on this wonderful new phase of your life. Enjoy each and every moment! Congrats!


Oh how lovely!!!
And I love that you have Beatrix Potter items... I have always loved. My own baby book is Potter.
Am so excited to see updates along your journey!


Oh, Alice - I am overwhelmed by the sweetness of your post!! What a lucky, blessed baby this will be! Sending much love to you!

My Shabby Roses

Congratulations Alice! That is so exciting!!! Love all your vintage touches in your babies room! I'm looking forward to hearing about your pregnancy and seeing your new little one!
Big Hugs,

Anji Johnston

Congratulations! May you enjoy every moment of your new journey.



I remember painting a plaster version of one of those Beatrix Potter figurines. I wonder what ever happened to it?


Congratulations! That is such exciting news!
I adore your photos and collections you have shown here, especially those sweet felt/embroidered baby shoes. They're darling.
Hope you get your energy back soon.
Cerri xo

Megan Chamberlain

Congratulations, such wonderful news. Both of you must be so excited. I love all the photos, you have a wonderful collection of baby items already so I can't wait to see what the nursery looks like.

Catherine Les vignettes

You style like you breath ! C'est beau !

Ali Hocking

Alice ~ I am so happy for you ~ such wonderful news! Enjoy every moment...

I too love vintage baby items ~ can't resist baby shoes!

Keep well
Ali x

Zita - Mlle Magpie

The most wonderful news, Alice. So happy for you. Love your collection of vintage baby things. Just hang in there and you'll feel better soon...


Alice, I am so happy for you! Congratulations to you and Joshua!

Your baby's nursery will be beautiful!


Laura @ 52 FLEA

And now the fun begins...
Love the photos of your vintage baby things...beautiful!

Karen Valentine

Oh Alice, I am so happy for you!!! What a wonderful gift! Your baby is going to have a nursery that we would ALL love to live in!!! I look forward to more lovely pics and more happy news!


OOOOH, congratulations! you have a beautiful collection of vintage baby items everything is so beautiful. I also love all things Beatrix Potter.


CONGRATULATIONS! Yay! I hope you feel better real soon and your 2nd trimester treats you awesome.

Wow. . .those pictures. .. thee most serene nursery, ever.


Happy, Happy, Happy for you!


My sweet Alice, congratulations, what wonderful news! I'm sooo happy for you, especially because you seem to have waited for a long time. I know what that feels like... Wishing you all the best!

I adore Beatrix Potter and similar styles too, my little one has so many Peter Rabbit things ... and our favorite is this, you HAVE to get it: http://www.amazon.com/Beatrix-Potter-Nursery-Rhyme-Book/dp/0723262810/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1297268706&sr=8-3 We have been listening to that for months, and still we're enchanted.

Take care,


PS: The Tailor of Gloucester is my favorite story too... I had to cry when I read it. There are some songs on the cd with the rhymes of this story, they are wonderful!

Tracie~My Petite Maison

You know how very happy I am for you & Josh and Renoir too.
Congratulations, cher ami!
xoxo~Tracie et Zeke


Congrats to you both...here is hoping the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing! xo


Oh congratulations Alice! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!! What wonderful news! These pictures are all absolutely darling!! Many blessings...


:) T

 Sandy B.

Hi Alice,
I just read your article in Somerset Life... I needed a new blog to visit too.
And so I found you! And this wonderful news! Congrats to you and you Hubby. When you are halfway the pregnancy you will be on overload with energy. Believe me... I am 33 weeks and expecting my 6th! Every pregnancy is different but the tiredness and energy seems to always be the same.
I will tag along in this beautiful journey you are on. By the way... When I was still living in the Netherlands I had my first. And I too enjoyd Beatrix Potter in the nursery. Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments with us... Blessings...
You can follow me and my pregnancy on my blog if you like.


congratulations! truly wonderful news. Lucky baby to have such a creative mama :o)

take it easy, and enjoy your pregnancy.

Michelle Hayes

<3 This is so beautiful Alice, I'm so happy for you, I can not even put into words. May your world around you grow as you grow with your new precious little family <3 I love you even though we have not had the chance to fully get to know each other. You were there for me and my family in the most important part of my life and for that you are a sister that will always have a special place in my life. Love Your Sister in law threw marriage and love :) lol <3 I am proud to know we are part of your life and family. Love always, Belle

- This is a absolutely beautiful page and your songs and photos are so wonderful! xoxo!


Hello Alice!

I don't know if you remember our past talks , but It seems we have another thing in common! My husband and I are expecting our 1st in the beginning of August. So right now I'm in my 16th week. I'm finally getting my energy back, so I hope to work on my blog and etsy shops. As soon as we find out the beginning of March of what we are having, I'm hoping to post about getting the nursery ready. Be sure to check it out, as I will with yours.
Congratulations and best wishes!!



This is the nicest baby bedroom I have seen! I love it! Thank you for sharing your blessing with us.


oh Alice! i'm soooo happy for you! what wonderful news! i'm thrilled for you both! i love all your beautiful things, baby W is one lucky baby to have such a sweet Mama!! hugs, susan

Natasha Burns

That is the BEST news I have heard today!!! Congrats to you and Joshua! You're going to make wonderful parents xoxo

Counting Your Blessings

OH Alice!! I'm so, so excited for you. I know this is something that your heart has longed for. BIG, huge, congratulation HUGS... Polly


Oh Alice I am so happy for you and Joshua and of course our little Renior is now going to be a big brother. Alice I knew it from what you were saying for your I think it was Birthday wishes I always felt that you were talking about starting a family and now you have been truly blessed. I'm so excited for you keep us posted and you make sure to take good care of yourself okay!


Congratulations! Your nursery will be gorgeous with all those vintage items. And I *love* your Beatrix Potter items...so precious and charming.


Congratulations on your blessed news. How very wonderful. Love your collection of Beatrix Potter figurines. I have often given them as gifts, and wish I had my own collection. I so love your blog...so inspiring and pleasing to the eye!


Congratulations Alice and Joshua! That is wonderful news. I can't wait to see your beautiful nursery. I know it will be just perfect for Baby W.


Fabulous Finds Studio

Congrats to you and Joshua! I'm sure you will make fabulous parents!
Love the nursery ideas, I had a Beatrix Potter theme for my son and daughter's nursery 19 years ago (they are 18 months apart:)! I have some of the figurines that you have. I think touches of this theme will be wonderful for a girl or a boy (it worked for my kids!).


You have such a beautiful collection already. I love the Beatrix Potter pieces. When my daughter was born, my sister gave me a book of vintage Peter Rabit posters, which I framed. Although my daughter is older and has changed rooms, I still have a few of them hanging in my office. They make me happy.

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