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February 10, 2011



Everything is so beautiful. Wouldn't it be nice to have that kind of money to spend? Life would certainly be so much fun! Although, not being loaded does make one become creative. I love your crib and am sure that you'll 'antique' it beautifully. And this way you'll have more money to spend on accessories. ;)

Love the linen bedding. Although, from past experience I wouldn't spend much money on the bedding sets. Another report just came out today recommending against all types of bumpers (the expensive parts of the sets). We didn't purchase one and honestly only had problems with Gabe's arms and legs protruding out (where he had just become mobile, but was too young to figure out how to get them out himself) for about a month - during that time we bought a breathable/shear bumper at Babies R Us. Not too pretty, but it served it's short purpose. At 10 months he's still not using a blanket although we did buy a cute but not pricey one for the crib. Glad I didn't spend much on that either as I'll have more to spend when he moves into a real bed. :)

Can't wait for many more posts!

Julie Marie

Hi Alice... I know Baby W's room will be just beautiful, as is everything you do... yes, I thought you had baby's room all set up!... how fun it will be for you and Josh to do when the time comes... my new pup Tess is hosting a first ever doggie bloggie giveaway and would love for Renoir to stop in and introduce himself to her and enter her giveaway!... xoxo Julie Marie

Leah C

Oh the possibilities...that's part of the fun, isn't it?! Whatever you go with, I just know Baby W will have the dreamiest, loveliest nursery:)

rosa guerreiro

calm and peaceful! as it should be!


Oh Alice,
I am so happy for you and your husband Josh! Wonderful news about Baby W. I couldn't help getting excited reading about your nursery plans despite my children being a few years older. Makes me yearn for those baby days again...
Gorgeous inspirational photos you've found. I can really relate to sticking to a realistic budget. Your talent and good shopping eye will result in a beautiful vintage nursery for little Baby W.
So glad to hear your energy is coming back!
All the best,

Tracie~My Petite Maison

You're right, Alice... that first crib is a dream but $$$$. I love your idea and truly think it means more when you put your artist's eye into what you want for Baby W. as something original that only the baby will have at your home.

Love that treasury & want that chandelier!

Tracie~My Petite Maison

have you tried Lamps Plus as well?
I'm always happy to look at Alameda for you too, may find something for a song!


Congratulations to you and your hubby! How fun to watch alongside as you go through this process. I love everything you pick. And that Notte Fatata collection - holy moly, it's so gorgeous I'd consider sleeping in it as an adult!!!! That is, if someone gave it to me... LOL

lorraine lewis

Congratulations Alice.
How very wonderful for you and your husband.
You will love so much being a mother. It is the sweetest blessing in life.
I wish you and your hubby the very best.
Your nursery is going to be beautiful no matter what you choose, you have such a great eye and beautiful style.

Sweet blessings to you.
PS. Love- love all your images. I adore the vintage letters that spell love- so beautiful.


Such lovely inspiration. I had a wonderful time putting a nursery together again when I became a grandmother, and I still enjoy it. My youngest grandbabies are all around one and two now. I know you are going to have a wonderful nursery!

Kerryanne English

What an exciting time for you both. Preparing the nursery for baby is very special and I'm sure you'll do it beautifully too Alice.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


As my daughter is now pregnant with her first, this inspiration is a wonderful collection to help her in her "nursery decor" decisions...so thank you much....it's gorgeous!

Sheila R

Have a wonderful time putting together Baby W's nursery! An exciting time... enjoy every moment of pregnancy (even the sickness and tiredness) as it is creating one of God's miracle. Even now over 13 years ago, I still remember being pregnant. The increable joy and love. Congrats!

Jessica A

Be sure to look on Craigslist for wonderful deals on cribs. You may find some true treasures to put in your little one's room!

leah marie

Be sure to check Craigslist, before you pay full price. Unless that is just too weird for you.... I know they were all over craigslist when I was looking for my crib.

Pristine Cristine

What a glorious nursery it will be! I look forward to seeing how it all comes together. Congratulations on your newest creation.


Loving your inspriraion....almost makes me want another.....Almost. ;-) Hugs Alice and wishing you a Wonderful Valentines weekend~ ♥XOXO♥ ~ Rebecca


Congratulations! How sweet! Wow! That 1st crib was amazing and that room! So exciting! I can't wait to see your precious room. I'm sure it will be even better than these photos!
Have fun creating this special little room!


Dear Alice,
first of all my heartiest congratulations! You will become a mum... this is such a joy!
I wish you all the best and please take much care of yourself!
I love the pictures of the first baby room but also the grey table with the lovely baskets..
the most beautiful is the vintage crib with the linen bedding it is really perfection! I am sure you will create the most beautiful baby's room ever filled with love, treasures and coziness, hugs & kisses Mira!


How did I miss this?! Had no idea of a lil W in your belly :) Congrats to both of you - what an exciting journey!! I love everything you have been inspired by....Linen is timeless - and many of the things you have on your list will grow with the baby and adapt as they age. I too love Restoration Hardware (without the price tag). Cant wait to see the mix of new and old in the nursery!
Big hugs my dear!!!

ps - I have been coveting that burlap ruffle valance on Etsy for some time now too ;)


Congratulations!!! I know you and Josh will make the best parents.
Whatever you choose you will make it your own and put your special touches to it. With inspirations like these you're well on your way to the perfect baby room.



OOOH so lovely!! I wish I'd had that kind of vision when I was pregnant. Alas, I was so sick I just settled on getting whatever was available. Hope your inspiration continues, and wishing you health and strength. Congrats!!


I don't know if you have read this on any of the other blogs so I thought I would share this wonderful discovery from Blogland. You can go to a hardware store and purchase drop cloths. Come home and wash and dry several times and viola.... linen look cloth that is much less $$$$. They are being used for slip covers and upholstery. I bought some and yes, indeed, it works! CeCe


alice, you've got $$$$$ taste, but with that - you have talent and don't care to work and create to get *the look.* :) beautiful choices and inspirations.


it is so much fun planning for a baby. Enjoy every single second of your pregnancy, and the decorating and shopping. I know it's easy for meto say 'enjoy it', not so easy when you're feeling ickky, but that will soon pass.

you have divine style. x

Sibylle from fun.kyti.me

I am totally in love with the first nursery!


I would go with wood for the crib, babies mouth the crib and I think the metal might have a funky taste.
Craigslist is a great place to look for the more expensive cribs...
I had a Jenny Lind with my son and gave it to a friend who then passed it on to a relative. Then when I was pregnant with my daughter, I bought a crib from a friend who had purchased it from a friend.... I just painted it a fresh coat of white and my mom made pretty bedding for it...
So fun!!!


I love all of these and especially the first pictures "girl what about that bed" Oh and yes do get that chandelier Alice.

Fabulous Finds Studio

I had the Jenny Lind crib AND changing table for my kids 19 years ago...I still love them, you can't go wrong with those!


Hello Alice!
I came across your blog after this magnificent crib was pinned by a Pinterest user! I'm curious how and if you did the antique glaze on the Jenny Lind crib though, as my husband and I are sold on the white crib but feel the white is FAR too white. I'm nervous about safely doing this and want to find a way to change the crib but without harming our little one! What are your thoughts and suggestions?


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