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February 17, 2011


Pristine Cristine

Congratulations on your Mac purchase! I have a MacBook Pro and I love, love, love it!! I am most envious of those who have ipads-perhaps someday....


You will love your Mac! I made the switch to an iMac a year ago and have not looked back. Now both of my daughters have a Mac and my husband will be replacing his PC soon as well. Have fun getting to know your new applications!


awesome! i have that same slow running Dell and it's driving me crazy! that's cool that you got the ipad too! i hope to buy something new i the next year you'll have to keep me posted on how it's going!
hope all is well and you are feeling good! susan

Julie Marie

Hi Alice, you sound like me, taking forever to make up my mind on some things... sounds like you made a good choice though!... thanks too for visiting today... I am working hard at keeping a positive outlook on life, no matter what!... so many good things, and the tale of those two ladies really got to me too!... Kisses from Tess to Renoir!... xoxo Julie Marie PS any more news about Baby W?

Laura @ 52 FLEA

So good to know! I will be needing a new computer too and pretty much have decided that Mac is the way to go. I will be interested to hear how you like it! :)

Kerryanne English

It's hard to make the move... then you'll wonder how you ever coped without it.
Have fun you two.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


so glad you posted this. i too have been putting of the new computer move. i have a pc and am looking to go mac too. i have the ipad and love it. great for travel. you may have been my little nudge to get moving. thanks!!

Leah C

Decisions, decisions...I have such a hard time with those, too:) Have fun with your new "toys"!!

Leanne Shawler

Alice, did the guy tell you there's a bit of a trick from getting photos to the iPad? (same with the iPhone, incidentally). I think you use iPhoto to move things over, as opposed to syncing it up through iTunes.


Hi Alice, I love your style and thus follow your blog. You sound like a great soul too.
Good Move on buying the Mac and iPad! You will enjoy them. I had a hard time switching at first from PC to Mac. My husband sells Apple stuff even. I can't believe it took me so long to make the switch. Have fun with your new toys!


Macs are a MUST for photography and design! So glad you made the decision. And I'm getting a 27" at work in 2 weeks!!!

So glad you liked it, and it's sooooo easy and fast!




most excellent decision! i'm so jealous!


Exciting purchases..... I just bought a new i-touch and am so thrilled with it I'm considering doing the i-pad too..... Yikes! Once you start you just cannot stop...

Warm blessings,


Wow, I sense a lot of fun coming through. Indeed Mac is something very comfy to use not to mention stylish and apps convenient. Very wise.

Heather W

Dear Alice,
I couldn't be happier for you! My goodness what a delight. I haven't visited for a while and then to find this happy surprise when I do! You are going to have a baby, yippee! I will be praying for you during your pregnancy and all that comes with it. Oh happy day! Beatrix Potter theme is perfect for the nursery too!
Warmest Regards and blessings, Heather


Alice, Congrats on the new purchase of a Mac! I am sitting in the exact same boat as you. After reading your post I think I am also ready to take the plunge. The cell phone comment caught my attention...I thought I was the only living soul that still didn't own a cell phone. Love your blog and style! Thanks for sharing all your amazing talent.

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

I'm still debating over the purchase of an iPad; wanted to wait till it was a bit lighter and has a webcam/ Looks like that day is nearing :-)


I took the bite of the big apple a long time ago, and I've never gone back. Nothing better for creating, and photography. :) Martha

lorraine lewis

Alice you and you hubby are going to LOVE your Mac- really truley you are. I promise that you will not be sorry. It is the very best for creating with photography!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Lisa Bivona

How I envy you, making this decision! And I don't have a cell phone either...everyone makes fun of me! Good luck with your new gadgetry!

Barb Langlois

I LOVE my iPad. Couldn't live without. Just can't figure out how to blog on it. My pics don[t want to upload.
Any ideas?

karen wojcinski

Your blog is so beautiful! I've just been busy and haven't stopped in for a few months and am so happy for you and your husband and Baby W. Thank you for sharing the wonderful things in your life; I am sending my well wishes to a gracious lady who spreads all good things out to everyone (with a computer). My very best wishes to you and your family!

Rhonda Burns

Hi Alice, I some how stumbled upon your site and have been so happy about it. I love to check in and see all that is going on in your life.
I just thought I'd let you know how much people appreciate the time and effort you put into all of this. Many thanks. In Christ's Love Rhonda


I just made the switch to the iMac 27" and I love it. the quality of the monitor is amazing. The apple folks have been great in helping me with the transition. Hope you like the iPad.

Glenda Steel - The Paper Mulberry

Just wanted to send many congratulations for your award, it is certainly deserved you have a very inspiring blog! I am definitely going to follow!!!


Everyone I know is getting into Apple these days. I had the same thoughts about the iPad. I may have to look into it with everyone singing the praises.

laura lee

i have that on and love it! and i'm a computer goof.
great blog, will be back to check it out.... not just because I love Winter Song but all you've done on here too. :)

Jennifer Dixon

Yay-once you go Mac you never go back! I did about 4 years ago and love mine! I just got an iPad for my birthday in March as well and am loving that too! Macs are just so fun to work with photos, videos and graphics, etc. Have fun! :)

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