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April 15, 2011



yay you!!!!
you will be the cutest little mommy

The Beautiful Life

What a beautiful post! In every way! The photography, the heart behind it, the words... I'm sooooo happy for you and Josh!!! :)


Mitzi Curi

How exciting for you to be having a little girl! Of course, you already have your Renoir, so you need a little girl now. Your pictures in this post are so beautiful, dreamy, and those cookies.....yummy!

Kathleen Ellis

How exciting! Little girls are so fun! My firstborn is a girl(now 32)! I remember those same thoughts and questions, too! She will be beautiful and a perfect combination of the two of you with her own bit of uniqueness added in! She will be like you and different from you! She will be precious and she will steal your hearts away!
So glad to hear that you're feeling better! Now you can really get things ready!
Blessings to you Alice~
;-D Kathleen


You truly are beautiful ~ and she will be too....Many, many blessings to the three of you (and Renoir too). Hugs ~ Rebecca


as a mum to a four year old fabulous diva, I am totally biased. Little girls are such a blessing. And what a lucky little girl to have such a creative mummy!

look after yourself, and enjoy your pregnancy. xx


Oh Alice how exciting! You look beautiful!!!!!! Love seeing a pregnant tummy on a happy mom to be! She is one lucky little girl as she will be well loved and cared for. God is giving you and Joshua a precious little jewel from heaven!!

Leah C

Oh Alice, I've been waiting for some news...a little girl!! I am so excited & happy for you and Joshua:) You & "baby belly" look beautiful! Enjoy every moment...
P.S. Love the dresser; but, of course, I knew it was going to be a beauty;)


how wonderful to see a post from you!!! Cannot wait to see more!


A baby girl! How wonderful for you and Joshua! I love the photos of you and the photos of your home, Alice. Blessings to you and Joshua (and baby girl.)


Julie Marie Vicknair

Hello dear friend... I was so happy to see this post from you!... how exciting you are having a little girl... do you have a name picked out yet?... she will be just precious, just like her mama... I'm glad you are feeling some better too... those cookies you made look yummy!... sending much love and happiness to you and Josh and sweet baby girl, and of course little Renoir!... xoxo Julie Marie

Maija lepore

What a wonderful and exciting time of life for you!! A girl to dress up and play with!!


Oh sweet Alice! How cute are you with that lil belly?! So excited for you both on the baby girl news :) All of your darling touches in the nursery will have splashes of vintage pink now! Sending you hugs my dear XOX

Kerryanne English

I love the photos of your pregnant belly Alice. Take lots of those, because one day when mini Alice is old enugh she'll love looking at them and saying "is that me in your belly?". Glad to hear that you are well and enjoying your second trimester. Like everyone else I'm excited to see this new little lady in your life.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


I Love you so much Alice, I couldn't be happier! I'm so excited and looking forward to being a grandma!! I love You and Josh and my little grand-daughter already, love seeing our family grow. You will be great parents, I know you'll be a much better mom than I was, wish I had been more like you when you were little. I'm so proud!!


Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

Have you decided on how you will decorate BABY GIRL's room? Shades of cottage white, flecks of grey and touches of pink :-) ?? Guess I better get busy making BABY GIRL a quilt ;-)

Susan Frick

I was so happy to see your post Alice! Such wonderful news, a baby girl. She will be cherished by such loving parents. You look beautiful! Wish I dressed that way when I was expecting. :)
- Susan

Sheila R

Love your photos of your belly. Enjoy every moment of this time God has blessed you all with. So excited to see this beautiful little lady!

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Enjoy this special time....
a lovely and sweet post!


Congrats on everything!
You are oozing happiness
these are beautiful pictures
you are so lucky to have that energy back already.
Enjoy every moment of this time.

Carolyn Saxby

Congratulations Alice
Best wishes, Carolyn


The beautiful post was worth the wait. You capture the HeArT of the human spirit. You truly have no idea how time flies by. Ask your own mom if it doesn't seem, at times ,like yesterday when she was dreaming of YoUr arrival! :) Enjoy every moment.


Congrats Alice

I cannot wait to see the babies room and hear what you name her :)

It seemed like yeasterday I was naming my daughter "Hannah Bailey, Callaway" now she is grown and I still think of her as my little sweet baby! Oh! and it will never end, you will be doing her room over and over! as I have for my daughter, that the fun with having a girl!

See you soon! what a beautiful Mommy! you are.


Alice I'm so happy for you and Joshua and so glad you're back and feeling a lot better you will truly enjoy your little baby girl as I did and still do mine now she's 31 and will be 32 in a few weeks and she has her own little baby girl and it's like me having her all over again. Much love to you Joshua and our little Renoir.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Wow! I knew it had been a while since my last visit, but I had no idea it had been 20 1/2 weeks! Congratulations on the wonderful news, Alice. Children add the most incedible dimensions to our lives. Just wait! ;)

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


Sending you blessings for a safe delivery.... Oh what fun you have in store. My baby girl just turned FORTY. She changed my life and I've never looked back. PURE joy.



I'm so happy for you! The way you cherish beauty has been a great inspiration to me.
I'm sure that you and Joshua will make the best parents anyone could have :)

Mari-Ell from Estonia


this is so sweet, the photos are just beautiful! we had our daughter first and i was so happy to have her. she has been such a gift to us. i'm so happy for you. being a mother is such a blessing. hugs, susan

Shaylyn Kay

I am so happy for you! I recently found your blog and read it from start to finish. Congrats on your little girl. I know she will be so blessed to have such a creative and insightful mommy. God bless.

kerrie sanderson

Congratulations on the baby girl in your womb. You are a beautiful mommy already! That dresser is perfect. I loved everything about having babies and being a mommie. I know you will too.


what a wonderful blog and congratulations with your miracle! you have a new follower :)
greetings from the Netherlands,
Claire (with also a miracle in the belly)



Somehow I lost track of your blog and just now found it again...and look what I've missed! Congratulations! I AM so happy for you! I have 5 girls and one boy! Babies and children are just SUCH blessings! All my best to you, your husband, and the growing little one inside of you. Such a special, special time.


Hello Alice,

Oh how wonderful, a baby girl!! She will be beautiful that is for sure. She will be a combination of you, and your hubby, and special in her own way. You look beautiful!


Kirra Sue

So excited for you! How special to have a little girl coming along the way!!! I have such a random question, so please forgive me,- but my husband & I just found out we're pregnant too (only 8 weeks!) :) - and we have a ton of old flea market finds & chipped old furniture & I've been reading that lead is really dangerous for the baby. We also just moved into an old vintage apartment (the building is 150 yrs old according to our landlords) and I'm just so nervous that lead is EVERYWHERE! Have you & Joshua done anything to your furniture or in your home to protect against lead?

So random- sorry for that! :) I just thought another pregnant, lover of old things, might have some advice. :) Take care!


janet bernasconi

A big congratulations to you Alice. How exciting to know that you will soon have a baby girl. I bet you look wonderful. I glowed when I was pregnant. Very happy for you.
Have a fun week,
Janet's Creative Pillows

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