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June 10, 2011


Leah C

Such a beautiful garden...and so lucky that you didn't have to do a thing:) Wishing you blissful summer days, dear Alice...and I can't wait to hear the news of Baby W's arrival!


Gosh Alice, I remember the summer I was moving into a new house and was 6 months pregnant. Not the best timing, but at least I wasn't 9 months pregnant and moving! :-) You are one lucky gal having a baby girl. She will be the absolute light of your life.



OK, I know you aren't moving right now, that was just random thoughts about the summer I was pregnant with son #1. :-)

Hugs again,


7 months, that's probably the best time. Still time to nest, still comfortable, excited, lots to look forward to. Just a wonderful time.

I hope you are taking it easy when you can, it is exhausting carrying a little person in the belly!

take care, enjoy your baby shower.

Julie Marie

Hello Alice, what a beautiful garden you have... and your photos are just stunning. I have missed you and wondered how you are doing? I am sure you and Josh are so excited for Baby W to arrive... please give little Renoir some doggie kisses from me... xoxo Julie Marie PS I LOVE your old atlas canning jars... I can't believe they were throwing them out!


It was so great to see a post from you Alice! I've missed your blog posts, but understand how busy you are these days. I'm sure your nursery will be a perfect place for your dear girl, and the shower should be beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the pics,


Hello Alice!

Can't wait to see pictures of your baby shower, and of your little tummy!
Also can't wait to see pictures of your little girls room when it's finished. Take care!



I have been gone from blogging for a long time and was so pleased to come back and find that you are going to have a sweet baby girl. Congratulations! Like everyone else I am excited to see what her nursery will look like! My daughter moved across country last year when she was 3 1/2 months pregnant and just moved again last week with our 5 month old grandson (who is perfect, of course). All that organizing is definitely exhausting! Take care of yourself and that little one. We can wait!


Alice I'm so glad that you and baby girl are doing so good and of course Joshua and our little Renior what has he been up to these days? I love your garden it looks so peaceful and relaxing.


These images are so beautiful, Alice! Unfortunately it seems the Peonies are making a quick exit. Their time with us is oh so beautiful, but all to fleeting.

How exciting, a little girl! She'll be here before you know it!


Hi Alice! I can't wait to see your nursey finished!!!! I'm also expecting! It's a boy and he will arrive in October!!


Such a beautiful garden!Nice to meet you! A very beautiful blog!
See you soon,Monica


Alice your photos are just lovely! i love your bench too! i found a little chair just like it at that thrift store awhile back! hope you are feeling well!! susan


Hello Alice,

I follow you a long time now, long before I came a blogger myself. Now I made an item about you an two other foreign bloggers. I hope you don't mind.
This is the link if you want to read it http://samen-tanja.blogspot.com/

Let me know what you think about it.



Such a beautiful garden! I'm so glad that you and baby girl are doing so good, congrats!


Ooooohhhh such a lovely garden you have!!!!
Nice week to you Alice.


Dear Alice,
thank you so much for letting us peek into your busy life...
Your garden is beautiful, even without you taking care of it. Nature is amazing, isn't it!
Have a beautiful Summer and take care of you and the baby girl.
Monica xo


Good to see you writing here again Alice. Happy baby shower to you and thank you for the lovely photo shoot :)

Crystal Chandeliers

Wondering to see this kind of garden you have; pictures are really cool indeed.


Your garden is fabulous. I love your blog. Your pictures are just amazing.


cindy mandernach

i just wanted to let you know how beautiful i think your photography is. i love all of your vignettes around your house.....

congrats on your baby girl. i hope all is going well for you all...

hugs, cindy


So great to see a post from you Alice! Happy baby shower to you and thank you for the lovely photo shoot!

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Your garden is beautiful, even without you taking care of it. Nature is amazing, isn't it!

Wow! What beautiful flowers you have in your garden! Congratulations! Just read your latest post that you just gave birth to a cute little girl. Give us more updates soon. More power! Send our kisses to your baby girl.


Nice post.
Hope everything went well with your new baby.


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