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September 29, 2011



Hazel is such a cutie. Babies do take some getting used to. I can totally relate - after 33 years of just worrying about myself, having to think about someone else 24/7 was quite an adjustment. And almost 18 months later, I'm still adjusting. :) The first two months are the worst, as far as sleep deprevation goes, so you are getting close to more sleep! I can remember the first time I got more than 5 hours of sleep in a day - I felt so rested. And the first time Hazel sleeps through the night and you have 7-8 hours of uninterupted sleep you'll jump up worried that something happened to her - and then when you see that she is fine you'll literally jump for joy. Here's hoping that day comes soon! That day wasn't until around 7 months for Gabe - I've heard from many that this usually happens later for babies fead exclusively breast milk - guess the benefits are worth the loss of sleep though. All this aside, I know that you are enjoying her cuddles. Parenthood is the most difficult yet rewarding experience. Each stage/age seems to have it's ups and downs, but since you'll never love anyone more (unless you have more!) than that little girl, it'll be worth it!


She's lovely. Can't imagine how the last weeks have been a struggle for you & Joshua, but am so thankful you have your baby home with you. Being a mom is the best job!


She really is perfection, so perfect in every way! She arrived sooner than later because she could not wait to be with you and Joshua. Enjoy every moment with your sweet little girl.

Welcome home Hazel!

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Hazel is precious...you are truly blessed. Enjoy each moment with your beautiful baby girl.
I think I understand a bit of what you are going through as a long time ago our Daniel was a preemie...he is all grown up now and still a blessing in our lives.
...and I love the name Hazel...which was also my grandmother's name...Hazel Laura to be exact!
Take care, Laura :0


Oh girl, you are reminding me of how it was with my first and it makes me want to find a corner so I can rock back and forth whilst eating chocolate!

I'm so happy your precious girl is home! She's beautiful. Remember that this too shall pass. And every kid gets easier. Somehow. :)

Lisa Super

You've got yourself 8 lbs of perfection! What a beautiful child Alice, you did good girl. LOVED the article in Somerset Life too.

Congratulations on bringing baby home!

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed

Enjoy these precious times with Hazel, as they go by so quickly! Welcome to motherhood, it is the best! What a beautiful precious bundle of joy!


oh yes, life certainly changes when a baby is in the house. I thought my daughter would just slot into my life and routine. Ha! I laugh at myself for being so naive now!

Enjoy it. It's a wonderful, exhausting, but fabulous time.

Hazel is gorgeous.


Leah C

Welcome home, baby Hazel:) Oh Alice, she is just the sweetest! Yes, life with a baby is often "crazy" but oh so worth it, right?! Enjoy every precious moment...sweet blessings:) xo

Leah C

P.S. Before I read this post, I saw your article in Somerset...loved it! Beautifully written:)


what a sweetie.......so glad she is home........enjoy her!

Andrea Baumhardt

I'm so glad to hear that she is doing well! It can be very overwhelming bringing a preemie home, they are so fragile. Your baby is a beauty. andrea@townandprairie


I'm not sure if I can fully read the article in Somerset, which is what brought me to your site. Even with a happy ending for your preemie, and a happy ending for mine, reading "How could my body do this now when I should be providing a warm and loving place for her to grow" made my stomach clench in recognized guilt.

My little one was born at 25 weeks ... 1 pound, 7 ounces. She spent 65 days in the NICU but came home a month and a half before her due date. She's, hands down, utterly incredible. She'll be turning 4 at the end of the month and is healthy in every possible way. But the shock and the feelings of failure and everything else can still flare. All I saw of my girl was a flash of pink as they rushed her away after birth. All of my granola plans were subsumed by the technology that saved her life.

I wrote about the experience at anklerolls.blogspot.com. My current blog is theelephantandthebutterfly.blogspot.com. It's there where I (too infrequently) share how much she and her older brother teach me about life and what truly is important.

I'm making presumptions, but if you want to talk about your experience, what helped me was knowing I hadn't gone through anything that hadn't been endured before. Hearing others' stories was immensely reassuring, but I did end up with PTSD. Once the baby is home is sometimes when your mind suddenly realizes it's OK to give up a little of your strength because the crisis has passed.

Anyway:) At any rate I wish you and your little one the very best!


Awwww she is beautiful! congrats and welcome home Hazel!!


oh she's beautiful...absolutely bee-you-tee-full! God bless her and all of you! I read your endearing article in SL. Touched my heart it did! I am "Michelle G. Ferullo." My doorknobs are on the cover! we both have occasion for celebration, non? many happy days ahead for your Hazel!


She is so beautiful and perfect! You must be so proud and happy!

I wish you the best!

Alice W.

Thanks Michelle! And a big congrats to you...I LOVE your doorknob pieces.
Still havent gotten the issue myself (for some reason I always get it late), but cant wait to see it.
Congrats again!

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My mother's name was Hazel... such a treasure...your Hazel and mine. God Bless, CeCe


Congratulations on baby Hazel, she's beautiful. So happy she's home where she belongs.
Take care,

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Congratulations on Hazel, she's beautiful. So happy she's home where she belongs.



Hazel is beautiful! I hope the three of you get into a regular sleep schedule soon -- it will make all the difference :) Best wishes for the coming months, you're in for the best times of your lives!


Hello Alice,

Oh my your little girl is a doll!! I'm so glad she is doing well, and home with you and hubby! Can't wait to see pics of her nursery, when you get time that is! lol Congrats to you all!!


So glad your Hazel is doing well and home sweet home! Blessings to you and your family.

Kris Pare

Beautiful little one...from one who went 24mos of being sleep deprived from her being sick, just enjoy the moments. Now, when she turns 4 on Monday the 10th, I still sleep better in that rocker from her room! Take care, Kris

labour of love

my dearest + sweet Alice...SWEET CONGRATULATIONS on Hazel's homecoming!!!!!!!!! i must have been living in a cave or under a rock...i had no idea you gave birth to your precious miracle bebe, Hazel, let alone a premiee!!! like Andrea B. above, i know the feeling of finally bringing your miracle home...as i too had 25 weekers x3~my 3 little miracles weighing 1 lb 5.5 oz, 1 lb 7 oz and 1 lb 5 oz. Sadly, my 2nd lil' angel went home to heaven after 44 days of life but i'm truly blessed that my surviving triplets are now 9 years old and enjoying life to the fullest. They stayed in the NICU until their due date ~3 1/2 months later (over 100 days)and the first 8 years of their life have been quite rocky...with constant health care issues looming over our heads but with the strength of God, my darling husband, the help of wonderful medical teams and advanced technology, my lil' ones are able to enjoy this world as healthy 9 year olds. in the beginning, i didn't really feel like a "mom" since their first home was at the NICU and i went home without them...but what comforted me was doing simple tasks like pumping milk or even washing their "premiee" laundry. bringing milk to the NICU, seeing, touching their tiny clothes, made me realize that i was finally blessed to become a "mom" and no matter how difficult this chapter of our life was, we were determined to never give up and bring our surviving miracles home...they finally came home weighing a whopping 5 1b and 4 1b and we are grateful for each day they are with us...Alice, no matter how rough things are or will get, just know your LOVE for Hazel can and will overcome anything. your strength is your persistent love that will bring Hazel's rough entry into this world to many brighter and successful tomorrows. hearing your story & seeing your beautiful Hazel brings tears to my eyes as i remember the amazing gifts that God gave to us. i'm so happy for you and your beautiful family! if there is anything i can do for you or if you just want someone to listen, i'm here for you...i'll keep you and your precious Hazel and loved ones in my prayers...looking forward to watching Hazel grow up and watching your incredible journey flourish! xoxo jo;)


Dear Alice,
I found some time these days to travel through wonderful blog-world. Now I arrived here, very curious what's new here.. and what can I say. The lovliest little face is looking at me. I wish you and your little family all the best. Hazel's got your beautiful eyes. I hope you will all find the perfect rythem of life together. Hope to see much more pictures of your little angel...
all the best, Mira!


Hi there Mitzi mentioned your blog so I thought Id duck over.Your baby is gorgeous.My 1st grandons was 10 weeks early so I know how scary it is.He is a very healthy loud busy 6 yr old now Wishing you all the best with Hazel xx

liz droege

I know exactly how you feel! All she needs now is LoVe, she is sooo Beautiful, best wishes....


Oh Alice I'm so happy for ya'll and Hazel is simply beautiful and those beautiful grayish blue eyes. What does our boy Renior thank about his new baby. I know that he is very protective of her. God has truly blessed you and Joshua.

Take care Alice


Twenty-four years ago, my niece was born at 2 pounds 7 ounces. She was the size of a princess telephone. You should see her now. Beautiful. She's a college grad and smart as a whip.

I remember the first time I held her after she came home from the hospital. She was a little over 5 pounds. She sneezed and my heart stopped. My baby weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces when she was born and she never felt fragile.

My husband just drove that thirty-year-old daughter to the aiport. She's returning to Boston after spending Thanksgiving with us. All I can say is enjoy your baby. They grow up too fast.

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