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October 26, 2011


The Beautiful Life

Alice, I can't explain exactly why, but this new post brought tears to my eyes. I'm so proud of you, lady. Just look at that lovely home you've made -- and then... that sweeeeet little gal...
This post made my day.

What a wonderful world...



LOVED this post. It's great to see you decorating and taking amazing photos. Those pictures are fantastic. Can't wait to see Hazel in her costume. Hugs.


oh my...your hazel is getting so big...what a sweetheart! i am happy that she is doing so well! i am also loving your fall decor too!


All wonderful! Glad you are enjoying this blessed season...
Sending hugs,
Monica xo

Leah C

Love, love all your fall prettiest, Alice! And Hazel...what a cutie:)

Laura @ 52 FLEA

That last picture of little Hazel is so so beautiful! Her sweet nature just shines through those pretty eyes! Love your mantel...love that you are taking pictures and that you have posted for us to see!
Enjoy Hazel's first fall...


I just want to encourage you. Being a new mom too, I know it's so easy to be overwhelmed by tasks & to feel like your identity has been changed into something less glamorous & mundane. Not to say we don't love our babies, we LOVE them, but they can be draining to care for. This is a priceless, precious time you're in right now. You only have one first year of parenthood, learning what works, what doesn't, and getting used to having a little person to care for. Savor it!
Also, I'm a big fan of your mom for taking you out to get your fall creativity on. :) we can't do this mom thing alone, and those breaks to get away & create make a difference, however short they are for awhile. You are such a gifted artist with a discerning eye & it's a blessing, a pleasure to follow your blog.
Jesus bless you & your family!

Lisa Super

Oh my...are you thinking Dorothy & Toto? How cute would that be? I'll be back soon to see if my guess was right or not!


Love Hazel's sweater and Jeans, she really is the best dressed baby already! Thanks for letting me come over and spend time with you guys, I love you all so much!

PS: I'm a big fan of RACHEL too! what great words of encouragement and SO SO SO true!!! They grow so fast then before you know it...... they have a little own of their own...... :)

You are such a gifted artist with a discerning eye & it's a blessing, a pleasure to follow your blog.


beautiful post. I honestly believe that when you have a baby in your life, you really notice the changing of seasons more than ever. I was always a 'season watcher' but now I appreciate them even more, and realise just how quickly time rushes by.

You'll see what I mean!

Hazel is gorgeous. Enjoy every single moment - and yes, I even mean the disturbed sleep parts!



Your posts bring beauty to life. Thank You!

stephani gorman

Breathtaking Blog!

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