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July 11, 2012



tears in eyes. Gorgeous post. I was thinking of you just yesterday actually, and stopped by to see if you had posted.

I'm glad you did today. Happy bd little lady! (a little late, I know)

Robbie Marie

Happy birthday, little one!

Your story sounds similar to my granddaughter's. Piper Rae was born at 32 weeks - 3lbs 6oz and 15.5" tall. She spent 7 weeks in the NICU after having major surgery at 2 days to attach her stomach and intestine.

Piper had her gall bladder removed, due to the extended time she spent on IV feeds at 8 months; she weighed only 8lbs. She had open chest surgery at 15 months.

Piper turned 3 in May and is a go-gettin' little girl. She has a little sister that who born at term! You can meet them on her blog: http://aimeesbowlofcherries.blogspot.com

Best wishes always, I follow you on Reader, Robbie Marie :)

Andrea Baumhardt

Alice-- thank you for sharing your tender baby photos with us all. They so reminded me of my own sons... and although I do not have digital images, only hard photographs, I do have many of those same moments...my favorite being the one of my husband and James with the bottle so wee it could be for a doll. The first birthday is a miraculous milestone! Your darling has grown so much! I hope she gets to be a big sister to a BOUNCING baby boy in DUE TIME!! Prayers, hugs, and all the best, Andrea


Such a beautiful, beautiful precious girl! It is good to see a post from you, Alice. I've always loved your blog and style, and it is so heartwarming to see your posts as a Mom. Wow - a little brother on the way, too! It has been quite a year for you, and you have come out of it stronger than ever. I wish all the best for you and your wonderful family.

Kerryanne English

It's been an absolute pleasure to watch Hazel's progress throughout the year and to watch you all grow as a beautiful family ~ thank you for sharing it with us Alice ♥


just beautiful! cannot wait to see photos of her birthday and that little brother in October!!!!


She looks JUST like her mom :) Love those black and white photos of both you and your husband with her! So glad to hear from you. Congratulations on your boy!


Laura - Elsee Blog

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us! Happy Birthday Hazel. So glad you pulled through, you strong little one!


Beautiful family pictures! I'm so glad all went well with Hazel but it had to have been like being on a roller coaster ride. One year old ... that is fantastic! I can hardly believe her brother will be here before long. My goodness that is coming right up! I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful summer!


This gave me shivers... such heartbreaking moments you had to endure. I'm quietly sending grace to God for working his MAGIC for your family and blessing Hazel, his very special angel. Yours and your husband's photographs with baby Hazel are so touching and beautiful. Hope her little brother will GENTLY join the family and multiply Joy in your lives. Blessings to your one-year-old miracle!


You have brought tears to my eyes Alice. I remember your announcement of Hazel's arrival as if it were yesterday. Thank you for sharing her with us as well as your journey ~ What a joy it has been to be able to watch her grow. Wishing you all the best as you paitently await the arrival of your little boy. I think I am looking forward to "meeting" her little brother just as much as everyone else :)
Sending you all hugs. XOXO ~ Rebecca


i was brought to your story from Brenda @ It's a Beautiful Life. what an amazing year you/your family has been through! hazel is a beautiful little girl, precious in everyone's eyes! much love & well wishes to you in the coming year, preparing to welcome her brother! ^)^linda

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life

Hi Alice,

Wonderful to hear from you...thank you for stopping by. I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but I couldn't... so here it is now.

I enjoyed your posting about Baby Hazel.. and to think she's celebrating her birthday. What a journey of grace!

Wishing you joy and glimpses of heaven in unexpected places........


Praise God. Oh my, praise God.

Sheila R

What an incredible journey and year that you all of had! It makes Hazel's first birthday that more special. Praying God continues to bless you all.

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Beautifully written...a wonderful story with a very happy ending!
Our story was very similar...28 years ago when our son was born at 32 weeks...we went through many of the same trials and emotions...our photos of Dan's beginning are in a treasured photo album. Although he still has a major hurdle as the medical world was not as advanced back in the early 80's...he has been the joy of our lives. Hazel is such a beautiful little girl and I am sure she and her little brother will continue to delight and bring joy to you and Joshua.
Always love to see a post from you...wonderful photos!
Take care of yourself,

Leah C

Beautiful, blessed life. Best wishes to you & your sweet family, Alice:) And a Happy Belated Birthday to your darling girl Hazel!


This is such a beautiful post! I am 26 weeks pregnant and crying my eyes out looking at the sweet face of your strong yet fragile little tiny baby. She is so precious! I am so happy for you that they were able to help your sweet baby during such a scary time and get her home safe and sound!

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