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July 19, 2012



that looks lovely, so tasty. That's my kind of food!


It looks amazing! I love to cook on the grill ~ we have even made breakfast when we were doing remodeling. So nice to see Hazel out and about exploring. :)


That looks amazing. Something I had never thought to do! BBQed pasta! Love it.

It looks amazing.

Sheila R

I am definitely going to have to try my iron skillet on the grill. When my grandma passed away that is one of the treasures that I got. I love it, not only that it cooks great meals in it but because of all the memories I had of grandma cooking with it.

Andrea Baumhardt

Cheese with red sauce still remains one of my fav food combos!


Looks yummy and the baby is so adorable!


I want to make this now! It looks so yummy. I just bought a medium size cast iron skillet. My mother has always made our meals in a cast iron skillet. They are the best! Now to save up for the cast iron pot:) Beautiful post Alice. Looks like a great day to me.

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