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April 03, 2013



So pretty! Loved seeing your blog post pop up in my feed :) That burlap bag is from right by where I live! Santa Barbara, Calif....so cool. Hope you and your sweet lils are doing amazing XOX

Janine Hamilton

Love it all! Hazel and Owen are adorable! You really make every day a holiday them Alice, you are an incredible mom! Love you!




I ALWAYS love reading your blog posts. I only wish there were more:) I suppose you are a bit too busy with your sweet babies..
Alice this is one of my favorites!!! Of course I love white then you added the most creative and beautiful details. I too have failed at decorating for spring and its been I'm the high 70's here. Thanks for the touch of Spring:) Now if I could only get you to stop by and decorate my mantle:)

Dawn Edmonson

Dear sweet Alice...I know your life is just so very full right now!!! I remember this time so well! I always say that "these are the good ol' days" right now, and you just don't even know it. Precious young babies, growing like little weeds. They are so beautiful and I know you are having the best fun with them both! They are going to be so very close being so close in age. And as always, your taste and photograph is absolutely gorgeous, the mantle is breathtaking Alice!! Thank you for taking the time to share with us as I know it is a precious thing right now ~ wishing you so much goodness, hugs and love, Dawn

Sheila R


So good to see your blessings in your life. Enjoy your time with you sweet kiddos as it goes all too soon. Our daughter is graduating from HS next month and my heart aches. Where did my baby go?

Love your beautiful heart and pictures as always.

Fay Nardone

Alice...yippie a blog post from you! I was just telling someone the other day how much I missed your posts. As Dawn said I can appreciate your super busy schedule now with your two little cuties;, so to hear from you is all the more precious. Your photos emanate a wonderful sense of calm and serenity. What great ideas you had regarding egg-fillings for little ones! May a warmer Spring find you soon and so looking forward to your next post...take care, Fay


just too cute! All of it. Cute, cute,cute!


Precious, Alice! It's good to see your kids getting so big! Great job on the mantle!

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